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If a Winter Classic is Held at Michigan Stadium in 2014, Does Anyone See It?

Oh I’m sure plenty of people will see it. But maybe not the same people who were planning to attend the one in 2013. The NHL has announced the cancellation of the game for 2013 and has promised that the next Winter Classic will happen as the 2013 edition was planned: in Michigan, at Michigan, etc.

When they do get around to bringing NHL hockey back, there won’t be the possibility of a lockout wiping out the next Winter Classic, so whenever the next one is, it’s pretty sure to happen. But I won’t blame anyone for letting the disappointment of this cancellation keep them from it.

The NHL’s presuming a lot here, as is the PA, with how the current labor impasse is being handled. I was going to write “how the talks have been handled” there aren’t talks to write about right now. This is pathetic.

Winter Classic 2013 Day

I’m tied up with a heavy workload and a prenatal appointment today, so I can’t be all over the Winter Classic announcement like I’d like to be. Fortunately, George is at the headline link.

I did catch the announcement through the stream and it’s pretty exciting to finally have it officially official. With the Griffins being involved and our connection to Griffins season tickets likely still open next year, we may get to make it to the Marlies/Griffins game. Which would be sweet. Even if we don’t, it’s going to be an awesome series of events. Can’t wait.

More Details on Winter Classic 2013

Update (10:20 AM): The UM regents have approved the lease.

Also, there’s this:

- Matt

Chuck Pleiness is reporting that there will be a Griffins/Marlies game at Comerica as part of the festivities. Sweet. May actually get to that one. Maybe.

Winter Classic Announcement Coming Thursday

According to Bob McKenzie:

Apparently, the University of Michigan regents are bringing it down to the wire, though:

Another Confirmation of an Ann Arbor Winter Classic

Chuck Pleiness also has sources confirming the story to him. Though I think calling it “official” isn’t quite accurate, if the official announcement still hasn’t gone out. But as Joe Yerdon suggested, the NHL might as well spit the confirmation out at this point.

Also, Helene St. James had confirmation on her end earlier today, but I’ve decided to try to avoid linking to the Freep while they insist on having those autoplay videos on their site.

Ann Arbor Winter Classic “Finalized”

So reports Ansar Khan via “a source.” If true, UM AD Dave Brandon’s concerns about the “complications” have been addressed.

And, Khan’s reporting says, Comerica Park won’t be left out, which confirms Scott Burnside’s report and should do something to placate the Ilitch family.

Oh, and the opponent’s the Leafs, according to Khan’s source.

The next step is the NHL’s confirmation, which could come as early as next month.