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Post-Lockout Return Test

If the linked-above video of Pavel Datsyuk owning it in the KHL doesn’t stir something in you, you’ve already left the game and the lockout has won.

Otherwise, I’ll see you for game one of whatever number we end up getting whenever we end up getting them.

Zetterberg Ejected

Update (11:23 PM): Zetterberg admits the application of the rule was correct. Meanwhile, the Blue Jackets, refreshingly, don’t go ballistic over it. - Matt

For this.

Ugly collision with the boards, but not malicious intent on Z’s part. Still, probably a deserved punishment. He didn’t help Nikitin out at all putting that pressure on his lower back.

As George points out at the link, the League will look at it. But given his history (Wyshynski notes this was his first-ever major and ejection), any further discipline should be unlikely.