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Thank You, Homer

By now, you have to have seen the Tomas Holmstrom retirement presser. If not, here it is. It’s definitely the best of the recent Red Wings retirement press conferences.

It’s just not going to be the same without Homer around. I consider him to be one of the most important Wings of his era, despite the fact that he wasn’t a great skater or of much value on the defensive side of the puck. He was the focal point of the offense for years and we’ll be talking about who will be replacing him on the power play for years, I’m sure. It won’t happen, but I would not argue if his number were to be retired.

Because nobody’s going to come close to what he did every night. No one will be able to match the commitment and tolerance level he showed out front. Nicklas Lidstrom wasn’t the only once-in-a-generation player the Wings have lost to retirement, even if he was on a whole other level. I wonder if Homer was able to have such an unemotional presser because he truly knows he left it all on the ice.

Thank you a great career, Homer—good luck going forward!

One Swede Steps Forward, Another Recedes

Reports by Captain Obvious masquerading as various Detroit media personalities indicate that Henrik Zetterberg will be the next captain and that Tomas Holmstrom will retire.

Z getting the C has been the assumption since Lidstrom retired months ago. Still, it’s nice to get this semi-official (but unsourced) confirmation, even if it’s a reminder of strangeness of two formerly embattled sides coming back together like nothing happened. Congrats, though, Hank. Lead on!

As for Holmstrom, it’ll be a sad day for the organization when the official announcement is made. I’ll always consider him to have been a major cog in the Big Red Machine and a key to its success over the years. He’s been the point of the spear for so long, even if he’d gotten a little duller recently, so his absence will be felt. Formal goodbyes to come when the day comes, Tomas.

Fortunately, Mike Babcock and Co. have had a lot of time to prepare for this.

By the way, anyone notice anything mission from the media reports on these two stories? Nothing about anonymous sources in the organization…just reported as fact. A little different.

On Losing Holmstrom

One of the unfortunate downsides to the Wings’ surplus up front the past couple years has been seeing guys like Kirk Maltby and Kris Draper forced into retirement, whether personally ready or not.

That happened two years ago to Kirk, who was admittedly due to hang them up even if he didn’t realize it until October, and last year to Kris, who called it a career in July. It’s mainly unfortunate from a nostalgia standpoint rather than a practical one, but it’s still hard to see.

This year, it’s Tomas Holmstrom who is being pushed out by guys with illustrious names like Cory Emmerton and Jan Mursak. But the difference is he’s still drawing some interest from other teams, despite no longer being the player he once was. This is how weak the market is.

The plus side of this is he has a chance to avoid the indignity of being waived, as Maltby was. The downside is we’d have to see him in different colors, after years of watching him be the focal point of the Wings’ power play, should he sign elsewhere.

This is a guy who has taken absurd levels of abuse over 1,000 games, yet he’s is still undecided about whether to return for another year of hacks and cross-checks to the back. It really seemed like there was no question that he’d be too worn out to go on, especially when Nick Lidstrom retired. That there’s any question at all, nearly three months after the Wings bowed out of the playoffs, is evidence of a guy who loves the game.

Still, I suspect he’ll ultimately decide to retire rather than sign elsewhere. He’s too tied to the Detroit area and to the Wings to do otherwise. But it’s obviously not an easy decision for him. And despite his recent downward trajectory, I’ll miss him. Nobody redirects the puck like Holmstrom.

Holmstrom to Return Tomorrow

This is old news by now, but there it is: Homer’s knees have flared back down (the superglue has dried, if you will). So, he’ll be back to annoying goaltenders, starting with Roberto Luongo.

I’m not sure if Babcock’s mentioning Mursak to Khan is an endorsement of him and a sign that he’ll be in, or a “nice try, kid, better luck next time,” though.

Lineup Updates Via Twitter

Upate (2:00 PM): Khan’s write-up on this stuff is here.

Interesting item therein: Nyquist is headed back to GR if one of Helm or Holmstrom is healthy Sunday. I guess Conner > Nyquist, which is disappointing as much as I like Conner. I want to see Nyquist a bit more. – Matt

Not due to anything Commodore did or didn’t do, but Babcock living up to his word. It’s Kindl’s chance to differentiate himself from Commie, which honestly shouldn’t be that hard given his supposed talent level.

So at least one more game, maybe two, of Nyquist in the Red-and-White.