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Todd Bertuzzi is My Hero

Final Update: Yeah, on second thought, I’m going with company censorship. It happened as originally reported, I’m sure. - Matt

Update (17. Apr, 11:58 AM): Sounds like it may have been that boring, after all.

@Will_Posthumus now reveals he got the story from Strader’s original report, not as something he saw himself. (Unless this is company censorship.)

Bah. If this latest version is true, it’s not quite the same. But still a fan, Todd. - Matt

Update (17. Apr, 11:56 AM): Followup from Custance. I hope that’s not how boring it really was. - Matt

Update (17. Apr, 11:32 AM): For the record, there’s this:

Whatever. Strader got the story from somewhere and Posthumus’ account reads like an eye-witness one. - Matt

Update (17. Apr, 9:12 AM): Dave Strader had this story originally here. It sounds a little less awesome the way he tells it, though. - Matt

For you non-Twitter folk:

Boom indeed.

Good and Bad News

First the good: Todd Bertuzzi’s back tonight.

The bad: Nick Lidstrom had a setback. Sounds like he’ll take some time off from skating, which sucks that it’s needed, but it probably is.

More bad: Bertuzzi returning likely means Gustav Nyquist is headed back to the AHL, as his equipment was being packed up earlier.

Bertuzzi Deal Now Official

I am totally fine with this. Bertuzzi’s a good soldier and has been remarkably healthy for a guy with his injury history. Maybe that changes now that he has a deal, but a guy who played 82 and 81 games the previous two seasons is looking pretty solid.

Now just get out of the rut you’re in currently, Todd.