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Wings to sell $9 tickets

Update (8:16 PM): George Malik, an outspoken critic of the team’s relationship with the fans (or lack thereof), has the perfect headline to his post on the ticket announcement: “Hell freezes over as Wings offer $9 tix.” That about sums it up. - Matt

At the end of a solid post on a number of players on the team, Ansar Khan includes the news that, starting Sep. 13 at 10:00 AM, the team will sell special $9 tickets for each homegame. Purchases will be limited to two tickets per person and can only be made at the JLA box office. The tickets will only be releasted on a monthly basis, though, so you won’t be able to buy a ticket to the New Year’s Eve game yet.

No information yet on where the seats will be (the seating chart has not yet been updated), but there aren’t really any bad seats at the Joe so no real worries there. $9 is $9, after all. For $9, I’d sit in the rafters if it meant I got to watch the Wings in person. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this a few times this year. Or trying to, anyway. I’m sure these’ll sell out real fast, since this is just the kind of thing that will entice people to go to games they previously couldn’t afford to attend.

The official announcement is here (a direct link so you can avoid the Wings’ awful splash page). And be sure to check out the rest of Khan’s post, which includes interesting tidbits on Rafalski’s assimilation process and Draper’s possible new role as a top-six winger, among other things.

3/8 Notes

Ted Kulfan reports today that Dominik Hasek could start tomorrow against LA, not that he will. Ansar Khan, on the other hand, says that Mike Babcock expects Dom and Mikael Samuelsson to play.

So, it’s possible that Hasek will be backing up Chris Osgood, but probably not likely. I’m sure the team would like Dom to get a game in before the home-and-home series with Nashville next week.

… Ted Kulfan also reports that playoff ticket prices will remain just as out of reach for Joe Fan as they were last year:

Regular-season prices from $22-$85 will rise to $63-$144 in the first round, $72-$153 in the second, $99-$270 in the Western Conference finals and $135-$450 in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Oh well. What would watching the playoffs be like without Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond’s commentary, anyway?

He says that the team has not announced a sale date to the public yet.

…  In Helene St. James’ Wings Corner daily, Mathieu Schneider and Chris Chelios address the final standings question. Chris Chelios believes that finishing first is important because it secures home-ice advantage,

“I think the biggest thing is if you ever get to a seventh game you’d much rather play at home. I’ve seen that before with Colorado when we blew them out.”

Chris Osgood told Ansar Khan much the same thing, but went on to say that playing well down the stretch is more important than where the team finishes,

“We’re trying to get our guys healthy and be playing well the last month of the season. To worry about what where we finish and who we play, we’ll figure that out when we get there.”

Mathieu Schneider agrees, as he told St. James,

“We’ve said all along, and I’ve come to believe this: We just want to get better as a team …

…. “Where we end up in the standings, we may not have control over that, but we just want to become a better and better playoff team. I think we’ve done that. We’re competing every night. In hard-fought games, we seem to rise to the occasion.”

After the Wings were eliminated in the first round by #8 Edmonton last year, I felt that it might be better for the team to finish in the middle of the pack. I thought that fighting for a playoff spot rather than coasting to the finish would be beneficial, because they’ve run into so many teams that were playing their best hockey down the stretch that their complacency couldn’t overcome it. As this season has gone on, however, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this team’s tenacity and think that finishing 1st wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

However, that’s only because of the tight race with Nashville.  The Predators are making things difficult for the Wings and that’s something new. In previous years, they had the division and the conference virtually in the bag by this point in the season. This year, they’re fourth with four weeks left.

I agree with Chelios that home ice is desirable, but I’m more with Osgood and Schneider on this one. The team needs to focus on playing well, getting healthy, and not becoming complacent or comfortable. If they do that, home ice will be an added benefit, not an excuse.

Home ice will help the team if they had to fight for it and they are already playing well, and even then it’s not the guarantee it used to be. Any team the Wings face is going to be tough, whether they’re playing at home or on the road. That’s why maintaining a top level of play to the end of the regular season is so important.

… Lastly, Ted Kulfan points out that Brett Lebda will not be suspended for his slash on Scott Nichol, which broke a bone in the latter’s hand. Nichol basically said he wanted Lebda suspended after the game, but the League obviously decided it was not a bad enough incident, Nichol’s testimony to the contrary.

I didn’t see the play, so I can only offer my uninformed opinion on it: a malicious slash does seem to be against Lebda’s character so I’m inclined to believe it was accidental.

Buy ten Wings tickets, get two Jan 2nd seats

Simply select the game(s) that you would like to attend, purchase a minimum of 10 individual single seats in any combination (10 to one game, 1 to 10 games, etc.)* and guarantee yourself 2 upper bowl seats side by side** for this memorable event!

* All 10 or more singles must be purchased in 1 order to qualify for Steve Yzerman Night seats.

** Seat locations will be based on availability.

Um, is it just me or do they seem a little desperate to sell tickets?

That little deal is a tad expensive for Joe Fan, especially if the two tickets aren’t free in the end (they’re a little ambiguous about that) and if they crack down on groups pooling money (like a couple of poor college kids). (Thanks to Megan for the link)


Red Wings Season Ticket Availability

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(Click image for full size version)

It looks like the recent success of the Pistons and Tigers has shortened the season ticket waitlist for Wings tickets considerably. It’s been three years since I signed up for the waitlist, and back then it was a rumored 10 year wait for season tickets. Has anyone else gotten the letter?

The Captain’s #19 to be retired January 2nd, 2007

The CP is reporting that the one-hour jersey retirement ceremony will take place before the Wings’ Jan. 2nd game versus the Anaheim Ducks. Steve Yzerman’s jersey will be the 6th to be retired by the Wings and will join Terry Sawchuk’s #1, Ted Lindsay’s #7, Gordie Howe’s #9, Alex Delvecchio’s #10 and Sid Abel’s #12 in the rafters of Joe Louis Arena. If you want tickets to that game, camp out on your computer the night they are released because they’ll be gone very quickly, I’m sure. It’s either that or take out a loan in order to buy them off someone. By the way, does anyone know the ticket release schedule?