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Report: Fedorov Retiring, Set to Manage CSKA Moscow

Reports out of Russia are that Sergei Fedorov is set to retire and is slated to take up the GM spot at his old team, CSKA Moscow.

As George puts it, this is the end of an era. He’s been out of the picture in Detroit for so long that it’s hard to believe he was still playing, but even a guy as physically gifted as Fedorov can only play so long. Age 42 appears to be it.

One of the best Red Wings and Russian players ever, Sergei was my first favorite player. This is just another reminder of how much I wish things had turned out differently between him and the team.

I’m Going With No

To at least one of them: Fedorov. Despite being very deserving in a number of ways, I just can’t see him and the team ever kissing and making up in a way that would lead to that honor. Too much acrimony on both sides.

As for the others: I’m torn on Draper, could accept Osgood and definite yes on Holmstrom. If I were making the decisions, which I’m not, obviously.

4/9 Links

Update (3:53 PM): Bruce MacLeod provides some perspective here. – Matt

Update (12:29 PM): Over at the NHL Fanhouse, the gang has a roundtable on the Western Conference playoffs. – Matt

Update (12:15 PM): Here’s yesterday’s obligatory read, in case you missed it: Scotty Bowman’s Q&A with the fans on Slapshot. Be sure to check out George Malik’s question. – Matt

Update (10:55 AM): Dave of Gorilla Crouch has a look at the Wings’ faceoff trends against Nashville this season here. Direct link to his handy Google Spreadsheet on the topic here. – Matt

Preview coming. For now, some links:

… IwoCPO, who’s been a veritable posting machine the past couple days, has his first round predictions up at Abel to Yzerman.

He also appeared on the New York Times’ Slapshot blog here.

… Bruce Ciskie previewed the Wings/Predators series over at the NHL Fanhouse.

… For those fluent in Portuguese, Humberto Ferndandes has a preview of the series at Red Wings Brasil. Here’s a rough translation.

… One of the few Predator bloggers, PredJoe, has some comments on his team here. His outlook is positive.

… Most media are writing the Wings off, but James Mirtle is one journalist who isn’t. He has them going all the way.

So does the Denver Post’s Terry Frei.

… Ansar Khan “dispels” some myths about the Wings in his latest. It’s pretty basic stuff and what’s surprising is so much of the hockey media just doesn’t get it.

… The Wings have noticed the animosity coming out of the media and, predictably, they are less than appreciative. George Malik has a brief roundup here. Note McCarty’s quote especially.

… Malik also has a roundup of the latest injury updates.

… Did you know that Mike Babcock is on the hot seat? Neither did Ken Holland.

… The News’ Bob Wojnowski has a nice long piece on Henrik Zetterberg in today’s edition. The best part? Hank’s final quote:

“Hopefully, we can come to an agreement and I can stay here for a long time. I’ve noticed the last two years, when I’m in Sweden at the end of August, I really want to come back home. They take care of us here and we have a good team. It’s nice.”

… The Washington Post has a piece on former Red Wing Sergei Fedorov that’s worth reading. (via Abel to Yzerman)

TSN has a new look, but still doesn’t have sport-specific RSS feeds. What’s that about? On the new look: it’s slick, but will take some getting used to.

… On a related note, the new NHL TV portal has launched. It looks good. The Hockey Show is on at 11:30 AM ET today.

Sergei is off the market

Update (1:35 PM): TSN now says the Jackets got Notre Dame defenseman Theo Ruth in exchange for Fedorov. He was a second rounder, so it’s no surprise the Wings didn’t end up making a deal with Columbus. No need to give up a top prospect for a player at the stage in his career Sergei’s at, especially when it would just make the Jackets better. – Matt

TSN reports that Sergei Fedorov has been traded to the Washington Capitals. They don’t have any more detail on the trade at the moment.

Now the only hope for Fedorov to return to Detroit is for him to sign in the off-season, which is probably unlikely. Oh well. At least he’ll have the chance to play with Alexander Ovechkin, which could lead to a career renaissance.

Will Sergei Fedorov return?

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the Columbus Blue Jackets may buy out the last year of former Red Wing Sergei Fedorov’s contract, the same one he signed in 2003 when he left Detroit for Anaheim. This little piece of news has led some to pose the idea of bringing Sergei back to the team that drafted him and helped him defect from the USSR. It’s an interesting question. A player of Fedorov’s capabilities would certainly be attractive to everyone, were it not for his history. Unfortunately, that history may be a roadblock.

As everyone remembers, Sergei did not leave Detroit on the best of terms. It wasn’t about the money, as he eventually took the same $40 million Wings had offered him after withdrawing their original $50 million offer. It was more a division between Sergei and management. Given that management is largely the same these days, does it seem realistic to think that those differences are gone?

It also doesn’t help that the team is coached by Mike Babcock, who, we know from watching his handling of Robert Lang, doesn’t accommodate the whole moody superstar act. Still, Sergei’s stats in 2003-2004 (his year in Anaheim under Babcock) were pretty decent, so maybe there wouldn’t be as much friction between the two as there was between Lang and Babs. I wish I had paid more attention that year, because I honestly can’t remember if they got along okay or not.

When he left Detroit in 2003, Sergei was a selfish, whiny player running up against the transition plans of the Detroit front office. He wanted to be the #1 man and to play his game, which was apparently the only way he would have felt wanted by a city that took him for granted until contract negotiations. The Wings wanted him to be a team player and to mentor Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg, who were visibly on the rise and prepping to pick up the torch of leadership. When he couldn’t get what he wanted in Detroit, he bolted to Anaheim, where he thought he’d get it. He didn’t, though, and, in the seasons since, Fedorov has seemingly matured and has started speaking like a teammate rather than a superstar. He’s clearly a different player, and person, than he was.

To return to the question of whether or not the Wings would bring him back: I’d be all for it, if it’d be on financial terms similar to Hasek’s contract last year. Do I think they will? Probably not. Changed man or not, Sergei said a lot of hard words when he left the team and I’m sure many more were said behind closed doors on both sides. While that bridge may not be fully burned down, I’d be surprised to find out that it’s one either side can still cross enough to reach a deal. Plus, he may still have enough of the superstar mindset that he’d clash with Babcock.

Even if I’m wrong about relations between Sergei and the front office, there’s no mistaking the sentiment among a particularly ungrateful and shameless subset of Wings fans that boo him every time he touches the puck at the Joe. I’ve never understood the idea of booing Sergei after his first return to JLA as a Duck. I was all for it that night, but that time is long, long past. Do I think those people would be mature enough to cheer Sergei were he to don the Winged Wheel again? No, I can’t say I do. They seem to only remember that he left, not what he did while he was here and why would his return change that limited mindset? The rest of us were able to move on, but apparently we’re not the ones in majority at the Joe.

I would love to have Sergei Fedorov back, but the bridge between him and the fans has been burned to ash by those overly-vocal ingrates and I can’t see it being rebuilt again. Detroit can warm to Todd Bertuzzi and Chris Chelios, but I think Sergei Fedorov will always be a villain to a large number of fans in this city and, given that, he would probably just end up being a distraction rather than what he should be: a valuable (and valued) member of a powerhouse squad.


4/2 Notes

Update (2:30 PM): Helene St. James reports that Pavel Datsyuk “denies Hull’s claim,” about his relationship with Mike Babcock.

You might say, “Of course that’s what Pavel’s going to tell her. He can’t speak out against his coach now.” And that may be true. But, I’m inclined to think there’s nothing there and that if Pavel leaves, it’ll be because he’s offered more somewhere else, not because of a problem with the organization. Not that his leaving for money would be any easier to take, by the way. – Matt

… Well, I’ve got internet access again, but I haven’t got much to say today. I caught the game and was impressed with the Wings’ effort, but the most important thing about it was the fact that the win put them three points ahead of Nashville with three games left for both teams. That’ll be a tough lead for the Predators to overcome unless the Wings totally fall apart this week.

Dave at Gorilla Crouch has a good game recap posted. He was also interviewed by Christy for her Behind the Blog series.

… Anyone notice that the commentators for the game yesterday on NBC spent very little time actually calling the plays? It seemed to me like a group of guys getting together to have a few beers and talk about everything but what was going on down on the ice. Now, for a long-time fan, that’s okay because I don’t need a play-by-play man to interpret the game for me, but for a new fan or someone just flipping through the channels, I don’t they’re interested in three guys gaffawing at Brett Hull zingers.

… Speaking of Brett Hull, the man spoke out of his rear end yesterday and proclaimed Pavel Datsyuk won’t be returning to Detroit next season. Apparently, he has a problem with Mike Babcock. This coming from the man who never got along with a coach in his life. Hmm. Well, we’ll see what happens, Brett.

As IwoCPO’s readers have pointed out, Datsyuk is building a house in Birmingham, he has a leadership position on one of the league’s elite teams, plays with one of the best young players in the game in Henrik Zetterberg, and has chances to win that he wouldn’t have in a place like Washington. I think Pavel wants to be back in Detroit, but I admit his chances aren’t so great as long as he gives his agent, Gary Greenstin, such a free hand in negotiations. That guy could very well ruin all.

… Writing on the new AOL Fanhouse NHL blog, Eric McErlain has a question about a player who, as his wandering habit has become more pronounced, has become a little bit of a concern for me over the past couple weeks: Dominik Hasek. Eric asks whether or not Dom is the Wings’ weakest link and points out that he has the save percentage of Olaf Kolzig. Eric’s right, one of the ugly truths about Dom this year has been his save percentage, and his corresponding penchant for giving up a backbreaking goals in the midst of strong defensive efforts by his teammates.

Still, I don’t know that you can necessarily call Dom the Wings’ weakest link. He is a goalie who thrives when he is busy and the downside of the Wings’ system is that he’s often spending long stretches of the game bored. However, when the defense isn’t so good and he is getting work, he’s generally been very good. So, when the defense isn’t playing up to snuff, Hasek generally covers for them, and vice versa. It just gets ugly when neither are playing well.

I think, in some backwards sort of way, the thinning of the Wings’ defense may be a good thing for Hasek, as he’ll see more action, and thus be less bored and prone to wandering.

If you’re looking for a weakest link, look at Robert Lang or Andreas Lilja.

… Eric also answers a question of Paul Kukla’s about a former Red Wing, one of the best ever to wear the Winged Wheel. Couldn’t agree more, Eric.

Sergei Fedorov’s Enzo

I found these pics in an undeveloped disposable camera. They are from the summer of 2003, when Sergei had his Enzo parked at a dealership for safe-keeping. And with Hasek coming back for his third tour, is it really beyond Holland to bring back Sergei? It won’t be next season, though, as Feds is making $6.08 million.