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4/14 Links

Update (4:18 PM): Ansar Khan has more on Fabian Brunnstrom’s decision to spurn winning in favor of playing time. - Matt

Update (4:16 PM): Mike Chen provides some perspective on the Avery Rule. - Matt

Update (3:54 PM): Further followup: the “Sean Avery Rule” is now official. - Matt

Update (12:39 PM): Highly-touted Red Wings prospect Dick Axelsson has gotten in trouble with the law in Sweden. As a result, he’s been kicked off the national team for the world championships and it looks like this may hurt his chances of coming over to North America this summer. (via Snapshots) - Matt

Update (11:27 AM): Followup: Bettman says the League will look at making what Avery did unsportsmanlike conduct or goaltender intereference.

Good. Just so long as they don’t do anything further to limit proper screening as practiced by Tomas Holmstrom. - Matt

Update (11:17 AM): Followup: Ken Holland confirms that the Wings are out of the running for Fabian Brunnstrom. - Matt

Update (10:11 AM): A new low for the Senators. (via Going Five Hole) - Matt

… Over at Abel to Yzerman, IwoCPO is considering taking a more serious tone. The result is about what you’d expect.

James Mirtle comments on the latest Sean Avery shenanigan.

Judging by that replay, Avery has completely foregone the whole team concept. He basically took himself completely out of active participation the power play with his mimicry of Brodeur there.

… The Flames staged a major comeback last night in San Jose. I have to say, I loved reading that this morning.

… Kulka has footage of the hit that helped change the momentum in favor of the Flames.

… The Devils were one of two teams that avoided going down 3-0 in their series yesterday. They beat the Rangers 4-3 in the first overtime.

… The Bruins also avoided a 3-0 hole yesterday by defeating Montreal 2-1 in the first overtime.

… Philadelphia evened up their series with Washington yesterday with a 2-0 win on the road. During the period and a half or so that I was able to catch, Martin Biron was incredible and the Caps were more like a bunch of individuals than a team.

4/11 Links

Update (2:42 PM): Be sure to stop by On Frozen Blog for a great video of highlights from the Caps’ season. There is surprisingly little Ovechkin in it, which just shows that the team has things going for it beyond #8. - Matt

Update (2:33 PM): George Malik wraps up media and player reactions to the game over at Snapshots. Be sure to catch the part about the crowd toward the bottom. - Matt

Update (2:30 PM): Ansar Khan reports that Darren Helm was returned to Grand Rapids so he can appear in the two remaining Griffins games, which will be played at home tonight and tomorrow. - Matt

Update (1:49 PM): Helene St. James reports that the Red Wings’ lineup will be the same for Game 2. - Matt

Update (12:57 PM): James Mirtle has a great piece posted on Ted Leonsis that touches on the successful rebuilding year in Washington.

The Caps will play their first playoff game of the Alexander Ovechkin era tonight.  - Matt

… IwoCPO passes on some observations from Game 1.

… The Free Press has a great gallery of pictures from the game. The Detroit News’ is here.

… The vaunted Ducks lost 4-0 to the Stars, a team that struggled down the stretch, last night. I love it.

Apparently, they ran into trouble when they started taking dumb penalties. In other words, when they played that abomination they call their “style.”

… The Sharks evened things up with the Flames last night, shutting them out 2-0 in the second game in as many nights. Unfortunate.

Is this result at all surprising?

… “What kind of dress would ex-Red Wing Sean Avery wear if he were a woman?” Find out here.

… CBC’s Elliotte Friedman has a great piece on the problems with the Senators.

… As a Michigan fan, this made me sad.

LA Kings finally rid of Avery

Spector’s, Kuklas Korner and TSN are all reporting that Sean Avery is headed to the Rangers. The deal is Sean Avery and a prospect to New York in exchange for Jason Ward and two prospects. Sean Avery has 10 goals and 18 assists this season for 28 points in 55 games. The prospect the Kings gave up is John Seymour. Seymour plays for the Brampton Battalion of the OHL. He is described as a one-dimensional player. He was drafted in the 7th round of the 2005 draft. Jason Ward has 4 goals, 6 assists and 10 points in 46 games. The Rangers gave up prospects Marc-Andre Cliche and Jan Marek. Cliche plays for the Lewiston MAINEiacs of the QMJHL. He won a gold medal with at the World Junior Championship with Canada. Marek plays for Magnitogorsk Metallurg of the Russian Superleague. As of Jan. 18, he had 39 points in 36 games.

Avery has 116 penalty minutes thus far this season. This averages to about 2.1 minutes per game. Last season, he averaged 3.42 per game. So he is showing a slight improvement in his self control. I’ve been waiting for the Kings to trade Sean away all season. He certainly over-stayed his welcome in LA after last season. I didn’t think they’d be able to move him very easily, though, given his reputation. However, if he could control himself (something he’s had trouble doing since leaving the Wings) he could be a good third or fourth line player.

Sean Avery: The Maxim Interview

Everyone’s least favorite ex-Wing had this to say about a former teammate:

Which player would you love to cross-check into the boards?
The guy I owe the most right now is Kirk Maltby from Detroit. ….. I know Malts would never square off and fight me. If I dropped my gloves, he’d skate away and I’d get a penalty.

No kidding Maltby wouldn’t “square off and fight,” you, Avery. It’ s not his job. His job is to draw penalties from hotheads like you and he’s one of the best at doing it. His other job, which he also excels at, is killing off penalties but I guess that’s something you wouldn’t know about. I’m sure your teammates know all about it, though. What’s your job? Penalty box inspector? (link via Checking Line)