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Scott Niedermeyer: Garbage

Update (6:17 PM): In case you’re not reading the comments, check out Jason’s excellent response:

I didn’t even see that Niedermayer elbow until just now, but it doesn’t really surprise me. But this goes back to what I keep harping on about the powerplay. He’s so ridiculously easy to throw off his game the moment things don’t go his way–I remember last playoffs while the Ducks were in the midst of getting bounced by Dallas, late in a game he gets stripped of the puck and turns right around and takes a moronic cross checking penalty, in a clutch situation. This is what great leaders do, I guess? Well, this time Niedermayer does something stupid after game, but he’s done a lot of stupid stuff during games, and he will again in Game Seven (since I have to assume the league will show real *guts* this time (haha, trying to control my laughter here) and at most fine him all of a thousand buckeridoos for the incident, and maybe make him read a pamphlet called “Head Shots ‘R Bad, Mmkay?”), but the Wings have to make him, and Anaheim in general, pay for these stupid mistakes. Just that simple.

And frankly, I really don’t want ol’ Scotty Elbows sitting for game seven anyhow. I don’t want the Ducks to have that excuse when the Wings take the Cinderella Ducks to the ball and then as the clock strikes midnight watch them revert back to the poor ugly stepsister of the NHL that they really are. I want ol Scotty to have to lead his line of losers to shake a real captain’s hand, and to know it takes more than some ludicrous officiating, post-game goonery, wretched ice, mis-timed octopi tosses and whatever else to stop the better team from winning the series. I want the Wings to level their own justice, by finally finding that “11″ setting on their 10-level amp that we all know they have, and put the Ducks to bed in such a way as to leave no doubt whatsoever who the better team really is.

I’m excited.

The thought of the Wings pulling that off has be excited, too, in spite of the depression and doubt still left over from last night.

Also, John’s got a great suggestion here, but one that makes too much sense to be enacted by the League. - Matt

As if we needed any more evidence after two revealing series with his Ducks, here you go:

This is a guy who was the class of the NHL not many years ago. Look at what he’s become. He’s giving Chris Pronger a run for his money. Disgusting. If the NHL had any guts, any guts at all, he’d be watching Game 7 from the luxury box.

Scott Niedermeyer, as evidenced by that stunt as well as his selective memory in discussing it, has zero class.