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Suter, Parise Take Their Talents to Minnesota

Not at home, so typing this on my phone.

Russo reports, Dreger confirms.

Frankly, this sucks. The Wings needed Suter. Parise would have been nice, too. But in the end, even the Wings’ deep pockets, winning tradition and remaining talent couldn’t overcome home ties and friendship. Understandable. But majorly disappointing.

Now the Wings turn to Plans B+, none of which come close to Plan A.

I’m not sure this is a playoff team anymore. The defense is that poor without the strong #1 Suter offered in the wake of the Lidstrom retirement. Clarification: … without an addition comparable to Suter. Seriously. And there isn’t one on the market. Short of a trade, I see the 2013 playoffs as a long shot. I’m not the only one.

Meanwhile, the Wild are poised to become a power within a few years.

Welcome to the new world.

Free Agent Day

Well, today’s the big day. And I’m going to miss most of the action from a blogging standpoint. But it’s for a very good reason: my brother-in-law’s National Guard unit is being deployed to Afghanistan this week and today is a goodbye BBQ put on by his side of the family.

I’ll be keeping an eye on my phone when I can, however, and will try to get a post out tonight, depending on what the baby does after a day out.

Anyway, I love this:

Owner Mike Ilitch and team advisor Chris Chelios were scheduled to fly to Madison, Wis., to meet with Suter at his farm, and Holland is expected to be in Toronto to meet with Parise and his agents, according to a source.

Suter’s going to have to be pretty dead set on something else to resist Ilitch in person. And I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of Holland going to a free agent like that. They’re pushing hard.

LAL: Maybe It’s Not About the Money For Suter

Effectively, Suter is sitting out July 1st, if this story holds. George writes

If Suter thinks that he can simply field offers on his own time and still land a “lifetime contract” at an incredibly high cap figure on July 2nd, 3rd or 4th, he’s sorely mistaken.

Maybe he doesn’t think that. Maybe he’s interested in the situation more than the money. No doubt he’ll still get a killer contract, but this news suggests to me Suter isn’t just looking at the payday aspect of free agency. The team that lands him may have sold themselves to him more than (or as much as) they will have bought him.

LAL: Hey Ryan, If You Like The Outdoors, Michigan’s Your Place

Update (17. Jun, 8:56 AM): Made edits for clarity. - Matt

Update (3:33 PM): An alternate selling strategy:

- Matt

Patrick Eaves’ dad, who coached Suter at Wisconsin, says Ryan likes the outdoors and having some space. That’s pretty cool, because Michigan’s got plenty of space and outdoorsy areas. Somebody should tell him about the convenience-yet-out-of-the-way-ness of the I-96 corridor through Milford/South Lyon/Brighton. And teach him about what (and how much) “Up North” means. Also: Traverse City.

Pretty much, just show him Pure Michigan (thanks @Baroque97).

But there is the concern about being in a spotlight. There’s no denying that on the ice it’ll be brighter in Detroit than in some cities, but the other side of the coin is pretty decent player privacy around town. The team will shield you, Ryan.

LAL: Suter’s “Top Choice” Is Detroit

Detroit is generally conceded to be his top choice.

So says a guy labeled “Flyers Insider.” I’m not sure if the information contained in this snippet is related to his nebulous anonymous source’s shadowy input or based in some vague general knowledge of Suter’s preferences or what. And I don’t know anything about Panaccio’s reliability. But I guess this is something.

If Suter does end up here—for a galactic crapton of cash—I sure hope he’s worth it.

(via A2Y)

Life After Lidstrom Watch: Ryan Suter Update

This story broke yesterday, so you’ve probably already seen it. But I thought I’d post a link just in case.

If Suter does make it to free agency, the Wings are going sure to put in some calls, whether or not Nick retires. If Nick does, they’ll have that much more cap space to work with. But even if he doesn’t, they’re in decent shape in that regard. Still, this summer may be a real strong test of the Wings’ ability to draw guys for reasons other than money.