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The new NHL ad

Update (4:05 PM): The Globe and Mail’s Allan Maki has more on the NHL’s current marketing campaign, including the interesting bit that Brendan Shanahan had a hand in its creation. Shanny is really getting involved in everything these days, isn’t he? Maybe Maki’s suggestion at the end of the article won’t seem so far-fetched in 10 years. – Matt

This is great:

Pretty funny, eh? Nice to see the NHL continue to make great commercials (the last batch, with the Ovechkin/Leonsis spot, in particular, was great too). (via Kukla’s and Japer’s Rink.)

6/24 Notes

James Mirtle addresses the surprising news out of Edmonton involving Chris Pronger’s trade request. Apparently, “family issues” meant “my rich wife from St. Louis hates Northern Alberta.” Although Pronger did request a trade earlier in the season due to his wife, he obviously didn’t make a big stink about it and was honorable enough to play through the season, becoming the Oilers’ most dominant player through their playoff run.

As Mirtle says, Pronger’s stock is incredibly high now so Kevin Lowe will be able to get a lot in return if a trade does in fact happen. Of course, that fact just makes Brian’s rumor that much more unlikely but it’s still a nice dream, eh?

Ansar Khan reports that there has been progress made in contract negotiations with Nick Lidstrom. He quotes Ken Holland as saying,

“We had good conversations. We’ve gone back and forth the last couple of weeks with different ideas and numbers. I’m trying to convince Nick on a number, he’s trying to convince me on a number. We’re trying to find a compromise. I’d like to get something done (next) week.”

It sure would be nice to know just how far apart they are (i.e. $8.8 million versus $8 million or $8.8 million versus $7 million, etc.).

No talks will take place this weekend but they will pick up again on Monday.

Khan also reports that Holland doesn’t have a lot happening on the trade front, which isn’t all that encouraging. Perhaps that’ll change today after all the GMs get together for the draft.

… IwoCPO has a further reaction to last night’s big Luongo trade, posted from the Richmond airport today:

Yes, it would have been a move that re-kindled the excitement in Detroit. Yes, it seems that if it were to occur Pavel Datsyuk, at least, would have been sent to Florida in return. Yes, Luongo was the best goalie available, is going to be a great playoff performer and is a franchise player.And if goaltending was the only problem the Wings had against Edmonton, the deal may have been made. But, in the heat of the discussion over whether Holland should have mortgaged the offensive talent pool in favor of Luongo let’s recall a few happy moments. Remember Ryan (Jason, Smith, Smyth) with continued access to the crease, untouched. …

Basically, the Wings need grit, speed, and heart more than they need a big-name goalie. The equation “Luongo=the Wings’ savior” was always a false one (Luongo≠the Wings’ savior). Holland needs to focus on acquiring players that bring those qualities to the team and on losing players that don’t.

Be sure to check out Iwo’s classic timeline of his experience at the airport here.

… Of course, the draft is tonight and, as I posted yesterday, we’ll have whatever information we can find on the Wings’ two picks (29th and 62nd) in today’s rounds (1st and 2nd). Be sure to stop by James Mirtle’s liveblog of the event and checking Kukla’s Korner for updates is always a good idea. Hockey’s Future and Red Wings Central are also good resources for information on draftees (they’re basically where we’ll be going for it).

I should have thought of this earlier, but Hockey’s Future has a Red Wings draft preview here. Their section on draft tendencies is very interesting, noting,

New CBA rules, however, put heavy transfer fees on European players chosen after the second round and force NHL teams to sign European draft picks with two years of their draft date. Consequently, look for the Red Wings to reprioritize the draft and lessen their emphasis on European talent.

I had missed that little fact. It will be interesting to see the impact that will have on the Wings in the future. Their reliance on European talent was made necessary by their success over the years. It has to be easier to find overlooked and unknown players at the isolated rinks of Russia and Sweden than in the well-publicized arenas of the North American systems.

Update (2:58 PM): Christy also will be updating throughout the draft.

Update (4:10 PM): Looks like Luongo was caught off-guard by the trade, since, apparently, he thought he and Florida had a tentative agreement on a four-year contract. I guess that means there was no pre-negotiated long-term deal that the Canucks can count on simply because Luongo was not involved in the trade negotiations. For now, apparently, Luongo is too emotional to think about signing a long-term contract with Vancouver so Nonis will have to wait.

Update (6:50 PM): BoA has a reaction to the news about Pronger here. Definitely sucks for those fans.

More on Luongo, and Big News with Pronger and Brind’Amour

On the eve of the NHL draft, the Vancouver Canucks have traded Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen and Alexander Auld to the Florida Panthers in exchange for Roberto Luongo and Lukas Krajicek. Rumors of Vancouver moving Bertuzzi for Luongo had been circulating this week, but it comes as a surprise that they also gave up Bryan Allen and Auld. This was a tough offer for the Wings to beat, the approximate equivalent of a Datsyuk, Osgood, Lebda trade.

I would not have liked that if Holland had gone that far. Both Bertuzzi and Luongo will be UFA’s next summer, so I’d have a hard time giving as much up as the Canucks did. Jes Golbez agrees with me. Also, check out the Vancouver Canucks Op Ed reaction here and Mirtle’s reaction here. And if there was a Florida Panthers blog I could link to, and this non-existent blog had a reaction, it would be linked here. Someone start a Panthers blog or drop a link, eh?

The one thing I like about the deal is that Bryan Allen is going to be in the Eastern Conference. If you remember, he was the player who broke Zetterberg’s leg with a dirty slash and caused Derian Hatcher’s torn ACL off incidental contact. Good riddance, you punk. Bertuzzi being in the Eastern Conference is also great.

If I was a Colorado Avalanche fan, I would be very worried with Luongo joining the Northwest Division. But the Wings only face the Canucks four times during the regular season, so it isn’t as big of an issue for us, until the playoffs at least. It looks like the Wings will have to go after Giguere now, as A2Y says.

A shocking report out of Edmonton. Chris Pronger has asked the Oilers for a trade, after he helped lead them to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The reasons are based on “personal, family considerations.” Granted, some are saying Al Strachan has a hand in this rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. Oilers GM Kevin Lowe reacts:

“I think they’re more rumblings than anything. I’m pretty focused on the draft right now I don’t want to get too much into player personnel stuff.”

On whether Pronger has said anything to him:

“He hasn’t asked me. I’ll just leave it at that…We just got over a seven-game series in the Stanley Cup finals and there seems to be a lot of discussion about this and I’m not sure where it’s coming from. Let’s put it this way. Why would we want to trade Chris Pronger? One thing I’ve learned in my five or six years as a manager is that stuff tends to out of right field for whatever reasons. It can be agendas, hidden agendas, certain motivations, so nothing surprises me.”

You’ve heard it first, here. I’m going to start a rumor and say Chris Pronger will become a Red Wing and his $6.25 million salary will be offset when Nick Lidstrom signs for $1 million in reaction, Paul Kariya style! It’s a great dream, anyways.

Oh, I’d also like to mention that the Canes signed Rod Brind’Amour to a five year deal. It’s a bit surprising to me to see them lock Brind’Amour, 36 in August, up for such a lengthy deal. He is the captain and all, but I would’ve signed him for three years max if I was the Canes GM.

Update (24. Jun, 12:01 AM, Matt): In spite of this trade, Ansar Khan still won’t let go of the idea of Luongo in the Winged Wheel, posting the following to his blog tonight:

Well, is it too soon to start writing about how the Red Wings need to sign Roberto Luongo as a free agent in 2007?

Ansar, the Canucks are going to sign him in the next couple days. Okay? I’m sorry.

Khan wraps up the post with comments on possible Plan B’s such as Biron, Raycroft, Giguere, Aebischer, Gerber, Roloson, etc, etc. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see which one of them, if any, it’ll be. — Matt