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TP:60 December 1

So I’m TP:60 this week, with Clark, Petrella, Discher and Stevie. But the headliner is Brendan Smith, who was on in another segment. Young Brendan comes off as a likeable kid—hopefully he’ll play a little more likeable in Grand Rapids.

Thanks to the TPL crew for having me on—always a blast!

TP:60, Episode 14

A belated pointer to this week’s show, which includes the TPL gang and Justin Borne, Sean Gentille, and Ryan Lambert. Yes, that Ryan Lambert.

Make sure you take the time to listen in, if you haven’t already.

TP:60, Episode 13

Great stuff from Discher, Petrella, Hathway and Malik in this episode. Make sure you get take the time to listen in.

On the Nabokov discussion, I will say that the Wings’ interest in him has knocked me out of any sense of security I had in the Wings’ goaltending health. They’re royally screwed if Jimmy goes down before March, and won’t be in great shape if it happens then. Time for the team to do their part in protecting him by keeping the net front clear.

Hollis didn’t host this episode because he got engaged the other night. Congrats to Chris and his fiance, Meg!

TP:60, Episode 11

This week, there’s no Hollis, but Discher and Petrella host Yerdon and Hancock for another great episode. There is discussion of the goalie situation, which apparently has some hyperbole being thrown around lately.

I missed that, with my being outside of the Wings fan loop lately, but it sounds a little much. Most we can say right now is the #1 guy isn’t as sharp as he needs to be and the #2 guy is about as sharp as he needs to be to do his #2 job. It changes nothing about the depth chart and means nothing for anything further in the future than tonight, because Jimmy could turn it on in Calgary and never look back at this slump.

TP:60, Episode 10

Hollis, Petrella and Discher host some special guests this week: the always excellent Justin Bourne, Sean Gentille, and H2H2 organizer Jen MacRostie, with a musical interlude courtesy of Greg from The Winged Wheel. The Bourne part includes some great insights on the mid-season grind, and the MacCrostie part is important to hear if you’re planning on attending H2H2. Don’t miss this one.