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Checking in

I apologize for the lack of posting yesterday. I did watch the Sharks game, but I’m not going to say except that, though I’m glad for the win, I hope the Wings get back to their game-management style. Things got a little too wild at the Shark Tank.

I don’t have time to do a regular post today, but I will point you to a couple Henrik Zetterberg-related pieces.

Also see this piece by Ansar Khan on the possible signing of Fabian Brunnstrom by the Wings.

Lastly, thanks to PJ Swenson of Sharkspage for sending me some excellent photos from the game. Four of my favorites:

sharks_detroit1.jpg    sharks_detroit11.jpg    sharks_detroit25.jpg    sharks_detroit26.jpg

I hope to return to regular posting tomorrow with the GameDay post, but it’s possible that I may not be able to do so. If nothing else, I should have a post up for the Anaheim game on Wednesday.

Japer’s Rink: The View From Your Playoff Seat

If you’ve been around the hockey blogosphere over the past couple weeks, you’ve probably heard of the project Ken and JP,  the bloggers of Japer’s Rink, have going.

If  you haven’t, the idea is simple enough: they want pictures from your seat wherever you watch your team in the playoffs, whether it be at the game, in your home, or anywhere else. They’ve got a growing album over at Flickr, if you want to check it out. If you’re interested in sending in a picture, shoot them an email at with your name and the game info.

As fans of a team that did not make this playoffs, this is their way of participating in the post-season and I think it’s a great idea.

We here at OtW create a shrine around the TV in the hall lounge for the games we watch here, so if my camera batteries aren’t on the verge of dying, I should have a picture of that for the project after tonight.

Swedish Wings Autograph Signing

So I went to the autograph signing last night at the Fan Zone in Westland Mall featuring the five gold medalists (Lidstrom, Zetterberg, Holmstrom, Kronwall, and Samuelsson). I had pre-bought a signed 16×20 photograph of the five. I must say that I am very pleased with my purchase. Not so pleased with Fan Zone. But the photgraph will look great in my shrine (aka my room).

Here are some photos from the event. Sorry that they are blurry and not the best, but we weren’t allowed to take photos in the “room” so I shot all but one (which I quickly took inside) outside and people kept walking in front ruining my shots. The first two photos are of my 16×20 photograph & certificate of authenticity. I hope to scan both of them in whenever I can over the next couple weeks, but for now these quick photos will have to work! The guys were lined up with Samuelsson closest to the room’s entrance with Lidstrom farthest away (thus, he’s in maybe one photo).

(click on thumbnail to enlarge and I mean enlarge)

My beautiful 16×20 photograph signed by the Swedish Five

Certificate of Authenticity

All five of them (ok, four of them since you can only see Lidstrom’s hat)

Samuelsson and a kid posing for a photograph

You can see Lidstrom in this photo all the way to the right



The room


Update: A girl on the Lets Go Wings forum took some sweet pictures of the signing, which you can view here. My personal favorite includes this photo below:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Igor Larionov Signing

I attended the Igor Larionov DVD signing at the Best Buy in Novi (the one I actually always go to) on Sunday. Anyways, I got there about 50 minutes early and was between the 5th and 10th person there. I enjoyed the wait very much as I got to talk to 4 wonderful Wings fans about all of their previous Wings encounters the entire time. When 2pm came around, the line started moving.

To get an autograph, you had to purchase a copy of his DVD for $25. With that $25, you got the DVD, autograph on DVD, autograph(s) on any other Wings items you brought (stupid me brought nothing else), and a photo taken of you and Larionov. A Best Buy employee took the photo with his own digital camera and they printed it out for you right there. For once, I actually like how I look in the photo – amazing!

Anyways, I don’t have a scanner at home so once I get one from my parents’ office, I will scan in the autographed DVD cover and photo. I’m also going to Westland Mall on Tuesday to pick up my 5 Swedish Olympian Wings photo and autograph. All of those items will be scanned in for your viewing pleasure, but probably not until this weekend since I have 3 exams and a paper starting today through Thursday.

Until then, these photos below will have to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize they were this fuzzy (they looked perfectly fine on that little digital screen – otherwise I would’ve taken more).

The Best Buy in Novi

Larionov signing a guy’s coat

Larionov posing for a photo with the same guy