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Roy/Hasek Anecdote

Update (8:07 PM): I thought about asking @cotsonika about it because he wrote Hockey Gods, which as you might recall is the story of that 2002 championship team. Then I remembered that I have the book on the shelf downstairs. So I checked.

Here’s the relevant part, from page 169:

Hartley said the Avs had “information that Hasek was playing with an illegal stick.” Hasek said the information must have come from a stick he gave Hartley earlier in the season—for his son, a young goaltender. While Hartley denied having one of Hasek’s sticks, Roy said he had one of them. But he wouldn’t say when or why he got it. At the All Star Game, perhaps? (author’s emphasis)

So, it’s not quite the story the rumor tells, but interesting nonetheless. I’d just forgotten that part of the book since I haven’t read it in years. My bad. – Matt

Via @chrissampang. I never heard that before. Anyone know if it’s true?