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1/20 Injury Update

Correction (9:31 PM): Per Chuck Pleiness, Ericsson’s injury is from practice, not the game, and Gustavsson’s injury is more of a typical early-season thing for him. – Matt

Ansar Khan has info on injuries from last night that go beyond Jan Mursak’s shoulder: Jonathan Ericsson and Jonas Gustavsson both suffered injuries of their own.

Gustavsson has a sore groin and is out two games. Thomas McCollum has been recalled. I hope that’s simply as a goaltender bench ornament because probably falls short of his potential even in charting faceoffs. Here’s hoping Jimmy doesn’t pull his groin, too.

This kind of thing is bound to happen with the short camp and non-existent pre-season. Another thing to thank the Lockout for.

Meanwhile, Jonny stepped on a puck, fell into the boards and tweaked his shoulder. Can’t blame that on the Lockout; that’s just Jonny. He calls himself questionable for the game tomorrow.

On the plus side, Jakub Kindl declared himself ready to go if necessary, though how true that is of course does not depend on him. The Wings may just have Jonny suck it up.

Khan does have an update on the result of Jan Mursak’s trip into the boards courtesy of David “Hit-In-The” Backes: it could have him out for a few weeks.

That opens up a spot for Patrick Eaves, who hasn’t played since November 2011, which is great for Patrick, but not so much for fans hoping for a Gustav Nyquist or Tomas Tatar recall.

1/7 Patrick Eaves Update

Update (4:06 PM): Comments from Eaves himself via Khan here. He says he’s not to the point of retirement yet “by any means,” but I start to wonder how soon he might have to be. – Matt

Update (2:35 PM): At least he’s on the ice, though. – Matt

Yeah, that sucks. Eaves got paid through the lockout due to this crap, but I’d bet he’d trade that for the chance to play again.

Anyway, consider this your reminder that the return of hockey means it’s time to be concerned about head injuries again.

Khan with an Eaves Update

Patrick got out on the ice with some other Wings for an informal skate, which is great. But apparently, he’s still getting headaches. That sucks, even if they’re getting rarer.

We’re coming up on 10 months since he took that puck off his jaw. Concussions are scary things, whether they’re the result of freak accidents like this or preventable head contact.

How cool would it be if both sides of the League equation were as committed to reducing concussions as they are to getting theirs in CBA negotiations?

This Will Make Your Day: Patrick Eaves Thanks The Fans

Remember Operation Eaves earlier this month? Here’s the result, conveyed from Patrick himself through Josh Howard:

To the Fans:

I want to thank everyone who sent a get well card or left a message on this website with such encouraging comments. I appreciate everyone keeping me in your thoughts during this tough year for me. Between the cool poster and all the kind words, I was blown away by the best fans in hockey. The cards and comments brought up my spirits and I just want to thank all of you for your support. I look forward to coming back next season.

Patrick Eaves

Patrick sent along this photo of him holding the poster as well.

Awesome. Kudos to the poster designer Josh Howard (@JHowardDesign ) and the gangs at Winging It In Motown and The Production Line for orchestrating this community effort. And to those of you who left comments that ended up on the poster—you put into action the words “best fans in hockey.”

Eaves Improving

Great, great news. Still, it’s hard to read things like “Eaves did skate a couple times with the Black Aces during the playoffs, but was unable to finish a full practice” and “I’m having less and less headaches and able to work out a little harder.”

Concussions suck.