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Kronwall Should Have Been Suspended

The NHL passed down word today that Niklas Kronwall won’t be suspended or face any other form of supplemental discipline for that hit last night on Minnesota’s Charlie Coyle. With that decision, the League demonstrates its complete lack of seriousness about addressing the issue of head contact in the game today.

Incredibly, the League claims Kronwall hit Coyle with “full body contact,” something the video replay does not bear out. Kronwall’s initial point of contact is Coyle’s head, followed by additional contact with the side of his chest. And that shouldn’t be okay any more, given what we now know about the cumulative effects of head contact.

Now, compared to the Joffrey Lupul hit on Victor Hedman last night, this is relatively small potatoes. But the only way the NHL is meaningfully going to cut down on head contact and the risk of head injury is to take seriously even these kinds of hits.

Coyle apparently was not injured on the play, but that’s just the roll of the dice that particular time.

Better yet to not roll the dice at all, or at least do it much less frequently.

Kronwall Hit Rundown

In other words, most of these don’t equal this.

Kronwall has left his feet to make a hit at times, but all too often, the feet-leaving is done as a result of the hit.

Some people—including, and especially, a certain Puck Daddy contributor who shall remain nameless (“More like Lamebert, amirite?”)—need a physics lesson on those ones.

And yeah, I know it’s a battle we’ll never win. But I have to get my shot in.

Kronwall Rocks Hemsky

In the first period tonight. Looks clean: shoulder to mostly shoulder, didn’t leave his feet except thanks to physics. That’s what it feels like to go 60-to-0 in 1.2 seconds, Ales.

And of course Nik had to answer for it with a moronic reaction from the Oilers. And the Wings did nothing with the ensuing power play. Anyway. More on that tomorrow.

Kronwall On Realignment Rejection

Good to know where you stand, Nik.

Also: you’re part of the Detroit Red Wings. I don’t think being in an 8-team conference was going to be a problem for you in terms of playoff hopes. Do you like going west four times in the regular season and for up to three playoff series?


7 More Years of Kronwalling

Hollis has the details and a discussion of at least a partial righting of the world that was turned upside down with the Ericsson contract (a complete one would have been not re-signing him, but whatever).

Great to see Nik locked up. He’s going to be a huge part of this team going forward.

New Pairings Planned

Nick/Nik, Brad/Brian, Ruslan/Jonathan, with possible Nick/Jonathan.

Let’s see how long this lasts. I won’t be surprised if this goes the way of every Eurotwin split experiment ever (including this years’, whenever it inevitably happens. Does anyone really think it’ll last?)

Further Followup on Kronwall: Surgery PossibleAlready Done

Update (2:20 PM): Now Khan reports that Kronwall had his surgery this morning. And apparently he’ll make camp. Which is awesome (and amazing. Modern medicine FTW!) – Matt

You’ve probably already seen this, but for completeness’ sake: Sounds like Nik’s discomfort became noticeable three weeks ago. So the rest and recuperation angle may have worked. Sort of. What he’s feeling now is not in the same place as the discomfort he felt during the season.

Specialists have suggested a surgery, so it seems likely he’ll get it scoped out. Fortunately, they don’t expect him to miss any regular season time, but he’ll be starting the season at a disadvantage because he’d probably be missing camp and the pre-season.

I’m a little concerned about the fact that the pain isn’t where he was feeling it before (maybe he tweaked it at the swimming part of Zetterberg’s wedding festivities?), but unless there’s some surprising news when they go in, his recovery time shouldn’t be too bad. Hopefully he’ll be able to get into the swing of things soon after getting back on the ice. The Wings’ll need him to.