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Not Good

You know what:

I can’t imagine that this means he’s going to announce that he’s signing on for another year+. Especially when you read things like:

Yeah. Ugh.

I’m going to go look at our new baby girl to cheer myself up.

Lidstrom Taking Time Off

That was the suggestion yesterday and now it’s official: he’ll take a long weekend away from the ice and be reevaluated no earlier than Monday.

At any rate, he’s been out of it long enough that we probably are to the point where he’ll need the traditional two-week wind-up to get back in game shape. Counting from the time he’s able to get back on the ice regularly. And we don’t know when that will be.

Which sucks.

Good and Bad News

First the good: Todd Bertuzzi’s back tonight.

The bad: Nick Lidstrom had a setback. Sounds like he’ll take some time off from skating, which sucks that it’s needed, but it probably is.

More bad: Bertuzzi returning likely means Gustav Nyquist is headed back to the AHL, as his equipment was being packed up earlier.

Quote of the Day

Close second:

See? A throwaway game.