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Five Weird Things About Me

I’ve been tagged by Christy to post five things about me that may be found to be weird.

1) I read. A lot. I’m currently reading a 1296-page history of the British Isles. For fun.

2) I like history. You know that’s weird, all you history haters.

3) I work landscaping/lawn maintenance and don’t smoke pot. That’s very weird, I’m told.

4) I played football and did Quiz Bowl in high school, as did a number of my fellow athlete friends. Ask the QB teams that utterly destroyed us in tournaments whether or not that combination is weird. The geeks…

5) I hate my alarm so much that I always wake up before it goes off so that I don’t have to hear it. Even when I’m getting up at 5:00 AM (for the most part).

I haven’t been following this conversation all that closely so I’m not sure who has done it and who hasn’t. I tag whoever’s not done it!