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This is Stupid

The Stars, the team, you might remember, that unceremoniously stripped Modano of his captaincy and a few years later put him out to pasture, will bring him back via a one-day contract so he can “retire a Star.” The time for this was last summer, guys. Now it’s just stupid.

Anyway, to end of a positive note: congrats on the great career, Modo. Sorry your last playing year didn’t go better for you.

Modano Out Indefinitely

Update (10:14 PM): Bill’s got the video (surprisingly innocuous play). And a reminder of the central issue here: Modano’s got a serious injury and deserves our thoughts and prayers before snap analysis about what it means for the lineup. Get well soon, Mo. – Matt

Update (10:00 PM): Apparently, Ken Holland’s taken the “indefinitely” thing to heart, as he’s saying things like, “we hope he’ll be back this season, but we don’t have anything to base that on. It’s a significant injury.” A significant injury made any worse by his age, I wonder? Still, it’s surprising to hear anything close to a suggestion that this could be a season-ending thing.

Also: Hudler’s supposedly slated fr the second power play’s other point position, to replace Modano. Even if Huds weren’t having a terrible season, I’d question that decision. A guy with Huder’s skating ability has no business on the blue line. – Matt

Note: Meant this to go out a couple hours ago. Guess I never hit Publish.

@mserven’s @RedWingsFeed had it via NHL Network an hour ago:

Via the NHL Network: Mike Modano has a cut tendon in his wrist and is out indefinitely

TSN reports that he had surgery this morning to repair the damage and confirms the indefinite timeline story. Meanwhile, the Detroit media is lagging on the story. Stellar, guys.

Needless to say, this sucks. A cut tendon’s no joke, so the team’s likely to be without him for a while. He hasn’t been huge for the team so far, so it’s not like they’re losing a huge chunk of offense. But this is a hit to the forward depth. It’s now more important than ever that Hudler get it in gear.

Anyway, we didn’t end up catching the game because the Griffins did in fact lose again. I meant to have my phone on me to tweet observations, but I forgot it at home. The main observation I have for you is this: Janik sucks. He was second star for a goal, but he looked pretty bad. Also, Smith fought, and Rockford’s Exelby’s a filthy player.

Mike Modano Poll

Update (12:03 PM): @inhyung pointed out I should have added a “Neutral” option. So it’s there now. If you already voted and would have selected “Neutral”, select the “Neutral (previously voted)” option to try to off-set the result skewing. Thanks! – Matt

By request of @Amerinadian19, a poll:

Freep: Modano Will Sign on Thursday

Update (10:35 AM): I’ve got a poll up on this if you’re interested and didn’t see the other post. - Matt

Helene St. James bases this on a message from avid texter Mike Modano himself (“Big announcement Thursday”) and on information from an unnamed source who doesn’t want to steal Mike’s long-pending thunder. Ken Holland either doesn’t know Modano’s final decision or he’s pretending not to.

The expected number remains $1.25 million, which likely means an all-youth third pairing and an uncharacteristic emphasis on forward depth over defensive. I tend to think even the best gain from Modano isn’t worth that weakening of the defense (or the possible developmental setback to Abdelkader yada yada), but…

With Modano’s $1.25 million (assuming that’s correct) on the books, that leaves about $2.5 million (by leaving out Ritola) to sign Abdelkader and Helm. Should be plenty. The only question is how long they’ll sign for.

Jumping Off Burnside On Modano

It seems more and more that the Wings are looking at scoring another rejuvenation project here. And of course it’s worked in the past and could again. I just … can’t get on board with it this time. The more I read about Mike Modano at this stage in his career, the less I feel the optimistic view that he will be an impact player on the third line is correct.

I suppose the assessment of his will to play jives well with his decision to make extra sure by taking time. All sarcasm aside, by all means, take the time to be sure, Mike.

But if he argues himself into playing and then loses focus later in the season, it’d be a hit in the lockerroom. Certainly the Wings could overcome that, but it seems like it could possibly be more hassle than it’s worth.

If we could somehow slide his career timeline back three years, I’d be all for it. But since that’s impossible, we’re looking at a guy who increasingly reads like a player who has lost most of what made him valuable.

Modano could very well become another successful rejuvenation on the Wings’ part and change direction from the trajectory he’s been on for a couple years, but that’s an assumption with no backing evidence. You can’t use previous examples because each one is different.

Though you can also say the situation in Detroit will be different than in Dallas, so maybe Modano will react differently. I tend to think the other way is more likely given the pressure of a more demanding coach and a more demanding atmosphere, but perhaps that’s overly pessimistic (contrast that with my overt optimism on Abdelkader, I suppose).

This might be the clincher for me: just say for sake of argument that Modano signs and turns out to be a dud. The Wings take him off the third line and either move Abdelkader up or Filppula down by breaking up the Eurotwins. And they have a dud, probably unhappy (because he’ll either be scratched or fourth-lining it), veteran eating up cap space and a lockerroom stall. Maybe he manages to remain a good, if frustrated, teammate. Maybe not.

On the other hand, Abdelkader duds as third line center. The Wings move him to the fourth line and drop Fil down. You have three lines with three solid centers doing solid work or better. And … you don’t have an unhappy veteran possibly weighing down the lockerroom.

The possible price for Modano failure to be a positive on the third line seems heavy to me. The possible price for failure on Abdelkader’s part in the same spot seems much less so.

The payoff for Modano could be reasonable, assuming he’s not locked into that trajectory above. But so could the payoff for a Justin Abdelkader set loose to break out. And that route seems to me to carry less risk.

When the situation’s framed that way, what do you think?