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12/17 Notes

I finished my last final exam yesterday morning and I am officially on winter break, finally! So my updates will now resume as normal. I’m sorry for the pause in updates from me over the past two weeks. Now onto the rest of the entry…

  • Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis is at it again. Previously, all Caps season ticket holders received a free replica jersey and blogger Eric McErlain of Off Wing Opinion was invited to attend a Caps game with Leonsis. PJ at Sharkspage recently conducted an interview with the owner by telephone. You can read what he had to say to PJ here.
  • Across the hockey blogosphere, one can find numerous bloggers picks for Team Canada’s squad in the upcoming 2006 Winter Olympics. Among them are The Puck Stops Here, Battle of Alberta, and James Mirtle. The Hockey News have their own picks for the roster along with news that the WJC Canada roster has been set.
  • Speaking of the World Junior Championships, three Michigan Wolverines will be playing for the US and another for Canada. Freshmen Jack Johnson and Mark Mitera along with sophomore Kevin Porter will be playing in Vancouver for the WJC instead of playing with the rest of the Michigan team at the annual Great Lakes Invitational (GLI). Freshman forward Andrew Cogliano will be the sole Wolverine to represent Canada in the tournament. Only four collegiate athletes will play for Canada in the WJC, an increase from recent years.
  • The Michigan Wolverines swept Nebraska last weekend with 4-2 and 7-3 wins. Wondering how a former Wolverine is doing in the NHL or AHL? Check out this site. The Blog That Yost Built has some thoughts on the Wolverines’ recent games along with the WJC player invitations.
  • For those Carolina Hurricane fans, your prospect Jack Johnson is doing quite well playing college hockey for the University of Michigan. In his 17 college games, Johnson has five goals and 16 assists with a +9. Less than a month ago, conducted this interview with Johnson. From the couple of games that I’ve seen, he’s a smart and strong defenseman. I’m just bummed that he’ll possibly go pro next season and the Wolverines won’t have his talented defensive abilities.
  • Back on December 9, Michael Fedor at Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic talked about Sidney Crosby stepping up as a leader to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Only 7 days later Michael was able to talk about Crosby being named Assistant Captain. Jes Golbez also chimes in on Crosby’s promotion at The Sidney Crosby Show. The Hockey Pundits also talk about Crosby’s “A.”
  • After articles like this one about the Carolina Hurricanes struggling attendance, Acid Queen has a thought or two on the topic.
  • Wondering which NHL team Sports Business Journal thought had the best website? The top three picks, in order, are the Atlanta Thrashers, Washington Capitals, and Chicago Blackhawks. The Detroit Red Wings came in 10th place, which surprises me because I don’t care for our website and it isn’t updated enough (in my mind).
  • The Vancouver Canucks Op Ed blog pointed out an interesting column from Cornell University’s sports editor of the college paper. He couldn’t believe the ‘craziness’ of the Cornell hockey fans and was embarrassed by their chants and actions. A friend of mine has season tickets to the Cornell hockey games and says that the games are a blast but the chanting can get pretty crazy, as in personal “attacks” to the opponents. But you’re going to get that at a lot of college sporting events. Hockey at Cornell is big like football here at University of Michigan (not that hockey isn’t big at UMich either).