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MacLeod on Turco

Bruce MacLeod has a look at Marty Turco’s puck handling ability here.

It’s certainly going to be a challenge for the Wings and one players like Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg are no doubt looking forward to facing. Marty will have to be careful where he puts the puck when those two are on the ice.

4/15 Links

Update (8:12 PM): At the Globe on Hockey blog, James Mirtle has more on Fabian Brunnstrom. I’m starting to wonder if this kid isn’t overrated. - Matt

Update (3:21 PM): The guys at Orland Kurtenblog have been looking for the greatest hit in NHL history and after five months of polling, a consensus has been reached: Scott Stevens’ hit on former Red Wing Slava Kozlov in the 1995 Finals. - Matt

Update (2:58 PM): If you’re into hockey stats, check this site out. (via Mirtle) - Matt

Update (2:41 PM): I missed posting reactions to the Nonis firing from two of the biggest Canucks bloggers because I got distracted and then forgot. Sorry.

Alanah of Canucks and Beyond, and Orland Kurtenblog. - Matt

… The Fabian Brunnstrom sweepstakes may not be over after all: the Canucks fired GM Dave Nonis last night in a surprise move.

Brunnstrom had apparently narrowed his choices down to Vancouver, but this latest development has him reconsidering, as Ken Holland told Helene St. James.

My guess is he’ll still opt not to come to Detroit for the same reason he was rumored to be headed to Vancouver: guaranteed playing time. The Wings still can’t give him that, but whoever takes over in Vancouver may be more amenable to the idea.

… Reactions to the Nonis firing: James Mirtle, Tom Benjamin, Eric McErlain,

Elliotte Friedman discusses the speculation that Brian Burke could return to Vancover to fill the vacancy left by Nonis.

… I thought the Senators hit a low point with that mural near the visitor’s lockerroom. I was wrong (video here).

… Speaking of the Senators, Pittsburgh is on the brink of eliminating them from the playoffs after last night’s 4-1 win.

Marty Turco’s not a fan of asking the crowd to wear black tonight in Dallas.

… The Avalanche/Wild series went to overtime for the third straight game. Minnesota came out on top for the second time to take a 2-1 series lead.

The new NHL ad

Update (4:05 PM): The Globe and Mail’s Allan Maki has more on the NHL’s current marketing campaign, including the interesting bit that Brendan Shanahan had a hand in its creation. Shanny is really getting involved in everything these days, isn’t he? Maybe Maki’s suggestion at the end of the article won’t seem so far-fetched in 10 years. - Matt

This is great:

Pretty funny, eh? Nice to see the NHL continue to make great commercials (the last batch, with the Ovechkin/Leonsis spot, in particular, was great too). (via Kukla’s and Japer’s Rink.)