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On Hossa

Brief thoughts on Hossa:

… I didn’t really want him to re-sign, so I’m not disappointed in that way. I am, however, disappointed in his choice of destination. Chicago is probably the only team in the League that I would have found offensive, and now I’m finding it hard not to be pissed at the guy. It’s hypocritical, I know, but I maintain that a decades-old rivalry trumps the hatred generated by losing to a team once in the Finals.

Again, any other team, I would have been fine, and that includes Anaheim.  Chicago, though? Not so much. This has far too direct an effect on the Wings’ to just let it float.

… Not sure how this works for Chicago going forward. Kane and/or Toews just got infinitely harder to re-sign, unless Tallon has their unofficial assurance that they won’t demand big bucks. If I were a Chicago fan, I’d be a mix of happy and completely incensed. Great to have Hossa, sucks to have the team’s future tossed out the window.

… Hossa’s a fool if he thinks Chicago offers a better shot at winning than the Wings. This was about the money. $20 million is a big difference, but so is the Cup. Unless Chicago pulls off a miracle cap-wise, the Hawks will be hard-pressed to beat smarter teams for the Cup, even in the next 12 years.

… Thanks for a good year, Marian. Good luck in Chicago. Hope you like it. You’ll be there for a while, whether you enjoy it or not.

Hossa’s Gone

Update (01. Jul, 2:16 PM): Staggering, mind-blowing deal: 12-years, $62.4 million with Chicago. Wow. More to come after work. - Matt

Sportsnet, via Winging It In Motown:

Sportsnet has learned Marion Hossa has turned down a contract offer from the Red Wings that would have kept the all-star with the Red Wings for the next 10 years.

A source compared the length of the deal to the deals Johan Franzen and Henrik Zetterberg signed. It’s believed the deal-breaker was the average salary which fell between $3.75 million and $4 million.

That report would have a little more credibility with me if it spelled “Marion’s” name right, but the basic facts are probably correct. Holland has effectively confirmed the rejection by telling Ted Kulfan, “It certainly appears [he’ll test the market].” There’s just about zero chance he’ll resign after market opens tomorrow.

What I don’t get is the so-called sticking point. If the deal is structured so that he gets $6+ million a year for a few years, with compensation progressively decreasing over the latter years, what exactly is so bad about it? Who cares if the average salary is $3.75 to $5 $4 million? To me, it just proves he’s caring about the money this year, not winning.

Thanks for your time here, Hossa, and good luck wherever you land. Hope the money’s worth it.

Hossa re-signing looking unlikely, may be for the best

Ansar Khan has the latest on the Hossa “negotiations” here. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be back, as Holland himself is not optimistic and is even talking about possibly shopping his rights as early as Monday.

When I read that the Hossa camp is seeking a deal averaging $6 million a year, I have to think he’s going to move on. That’s not the sound of a guy looking to take a discount to win any more. A $4 million cap hit, front-loaded deal could get him $6 million a year for a span, so I’m not sure what the problem is if it’s not that he wants out, or to be paid big bucks for the rest of his career rather than just a few more years.

At this point, I’m leaning toward hoping the Wings leave the cap space and look to the future, when the cap may fall a few million and make stocking the ’10-’11 roster more difficult, even with the likely reduction in Lidstrom’s pay to a sunset discount.

Pre-Finals Press Conferences: Lidstrom and Hossa

Via NHL Media:

Q.    How are you feeling and we heard you’re ready to go; is that true?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM:  Yeah, I’ll be ready to go tomorrow night.  I skated a little bit yesterday, practiced today, and felt fine today.  So I’ll be ready to go tomorrow night.

Q.  Big question, do you expect to be feeling the love when this series moves to Pittsburgh?

MARIAN HOSSA:  Well, obviously it’s going to be an interesting series.  This doesn’t happen every day being in this kind of situation.  But I am on this side, looking forward to it.  It’s going to be a great challenge because Pittsburgh’s a really good team.  You know, we’ll try to have fun.

Q.  Can you talk a little bit about what happened to you?  Was it a freak accident?  Something in practice or a game and what it was like to watch playoff games the first time in your career?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM:  It was very hard watching, sitting on the sidelines and watching the guys play.  I haven’t experienced that before in the playoffs.  It was very tough to sit and watch.  It happened during Friday night’s game, Game 3 in Chicago.  And just couldn’t play on Sunday.
Same thing the other night, Wednesday night for Game 5.  I wasn’t ready to go.  So I feel good now, and feel fresh and feel ready to go and go at it now.

Q.  How different is this team from last year?  I think, obviously, Helm was maybe a guy that’s come a long way, but overall what else can you see in there?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM:  I think a lot of the players gained a lot of experience from last year’s playoffs and being able to win it last year.  You mentioned Helm.  Other players have stepped up, too, that had an opportunity to play.  I think Filppula has gotten better, gotten more experience.  You can go down the line, Samuelsson, Cleary, Franzen had a good playoffs last year, he’s been playing well for us now, too.  So I think just knowing what it takes to play in the playoffs from last year helped us to get to this point right now.

I think you can see in our team with the depth that we have.  A few guys go down and other guys step in and play real well.  And being able to win a series for us like we did the other night when our top line didn’t score, but Helm came up big for us.  He played a tremendous game and got the winner at the end, too.  So I think it shows we have a lot of depth on our team.

3/25 Contract Talks Update

Helene St. James and Ansar Khan have the latest on the contract talks. Basically, there’s not much progress and in another week and a half or so, talks will be on hold until after the playoffs.

St. James again makes the incorrect claim that Franzen makes less than $1 million (Update: Garth correctly points out that she’s referring to Franzen’s cap hit of roughtly $942,000) and writes of Ville Leino like he’s a lock to be back with the team despite being an RFA. Khan’s piece is better reporting.