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A Wet Blanket

Tom Benjamin throws one on the fire of rejoicing:

2) The season to come will be a joke, and if history is a guide, a not particularly funny joke for the Vancouver Canucks and other Western teams. The compressed schedule will find them flying frantically around North America while only the Eastern Champion might play a game outside their time zone. (my emphasis — ed.)

Uh, yeah, that’s… not going to be fun. Still, it’s better than no season at all, which seemed to be the likely trajectory not long ago. And yeah, it is unfair, but I’m not sure what the alternative would be. Intra-divisional play only wouldn’t solve all travel problems and it doesn’t make sense to have the conferences play each other with such compression.

Tom’s got a couple other worthwhile talking points in there, including a depressing, but realistic, assessment of Gary Bettman’s place going forward.