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5/26 Notes

… Bruce MacLeod has graded the Wings individual performances for the playoffs and posted the results on his blog. MacLeod is an astute observer of the game and his grades reflect that. Not much to disagree with there.

… MacLeod also was the first (that I saw) to post Chris Chelios’ comments on why he skipped the post-series handshake. Basically, he was overcome with emotion and couldn’t think straight for the final 20 or so seconds of the game, as he knew the team was going to be eliminated on the brink of going to the Finals for what could have been his last time. I totally understand Cheli’s excuse and I think Teemu Selanne’s comments (where he derisively said it just showed Chelios’ true character) were way out of line. George Malik has more from Chelios.

… Ansar Khan writes on Dominik Hasek, saying he’s a “good bet to return,” noting that he’s wanted back by the organization from the front office to the players and that he wants to be back himself. Mike Babcock, apparently, will look to convince him to stay.

Personally, I don’t have any problem with Hasek coming back, except for those nagging concerns over his health in the back of my mind. Of course, they handled him so well this season that it was just about a non-issue. Still, that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be as fortunate on another go-around. If Dom is capable of repeating his performance, it’d be great: bring him back. It wouldn’t be any different (except that he’ll be older) than this past season and it worked out fine. It’s just that it’s another roll of the dice.

That said, I wouldn’t be opposed to the team trying the open market or just going with Chris Osgood, with Jimmy Howard doing “enhanced backup” (I made that up) duties. Maybe Jimmy’s not ready for that, though.

All things considered, since Dom’s about the most economic option and provides the best bang for the buck when healthy, I’d be fine with them going with him again if they decide pursuing someone like JS Giguere isn’t worth it.

… Khan goes on to say that Todd Bertuzzi wants to stick around (see his comments here at Red Wings Corner). I’d probably like him to. I think a full season would do wonders for the guy. We definitely never saw what he can really do. I seriously doubt he’ll ever be back to his peak, but I know he can be more effective than he was and giving him a real role on the team would be a great way to get him going again.

… Khan also thinks Mathieu Schneider will resign re-sign. I hope so! Losing him was probably the single biggest reason the Wings won’t be playing hockey Monday night. He’s huge for this team and I hope they can find a way to work out a deal. Last time his contract was up, things didn’t go so smoothly, but I’m pretty confident they will this time around.

… Khan finishes with the unsurprising comment that and that Robert Lang is definitely gone. What is surprising, to me, anyway, is his assertion that Kyle Calder won’t be back either. I guess it’s not such a big surprise given his awful performance in the playoffs, but unless it was due to something other than an injury, I thought his regular season performance was enough to earn him a spot. I guess we’ll hear more about that soon.

Khan: Post-practice Update

Ansar Khan has an update on Tomas Holmstrom, Brett Lebda, Henrik Zetterberg, the top line, and Kyle Calder. Basically, Homer is staying in Detroit until cleared, Lebda won’t be back until Game 5 at the earliest, Zetterberg did not skate, Todd Bertuzzi or Mikael Samuelsson will start on the top line tomorrow, and Kyle Calder is okay.

4/8 Notes

Update (6:30 PM): Via Alanah at Kukla’s, it looks like the Wings and Flames will kick off the postseason on Friday as Game 2 will be at 1:00 PM on Sunday on NBC. – Matt

Happy Easter, everyone. Just a few things before heading off to chu

… The Wings won their last game of the season last night, 7-2 over the Blackhawks. It was basically the dominating performance I’ve been hoping to see in these last games, as they skated circles around the Hawks until the third period, when they backed off a bit. As much as they controlled play, the Wings probably still wouldn’t have put up so many goals had Patrick Lalime allowed a bunch of stinkers. He had a bad game, and I think the fact that the Wings didn’t score in the third had as much to do with Nikolai Khabibulin coming in as their apparent decision to back off.

… Probably the best thing to come out of the game yesterday was the fact that both Mikael Samuelsson and Kyle Calder scored twice. For the Wings to succeed in the playoffs, they’re going to need guys like Sammy and Calder contributing, so hopefully their confidence and touch has returned. It was also good to see Tomas Holmstrom net his 30th.

… Kyle Quincey, in because Chris Chelios had the day off, continues to impress. I don’t remember seeing him make a bad defensive decision and he possesses the strength to handle most situations without much trouble. It looks like he has a good shot, too, as his first NHL goal was a boomer from the point. If he’s ranked behind Derek Meech and Jonathan Ericsson and still looks this solid, I’d say our defensive future is bright.

… The Wings’ playoff match up was decided last night when the Avs lost to Nashville. The first round opponent will be Calgary, a team the Wings tied in the season series 2-2.

I can’t say I’m thrilled about this matchup any more. A couple weeks ago, the Flames looked like they were floundering and seemed like a desirable team to play. Now, they’re scary, as Helene St. James outlines. As both Detroit wins came at JLA, the Wings’ home ice advantage could be key. It’ll be a tough series, that’s for sure, but maybe that’s what the Wings need. I do have a different feeling about this team, and I know they’re more capable of fighting for their lives than previous complacent Wings teams. They’re saying the right things, at least.

… Other Western Conference matchups:

Anaheim vs. Minnesota
Vancouver vs. Dallas
Nashville vs. San Jose

4/4 Notes

… The Wings were credited with a win last night over Columbus, but really all the credit should go to Dominik Hasek, who kept them in it four 2+ periods. Once again, they waited until the third period to show up to play and even then they weren’t as dominate as they should have been. Kudos to the Blue Jackets for not giving up and making this interesting with a number of great chances throughout the game.

… A big thank you to Kyle Calder for getting his teammates going by scoring the first goal of the game at :16 of the third period. I think he got a bit of an elbow into Hainsey on that hit, but it was a great effort through the finish. Probably one Norrena would like back.

… The win put the Wings within a point of clinching the Division. They have 110 points to Nashville’s 106 and both teams have two games remaining. As the Preds can only reach 110, either they need to lose a game or the Wings need at least an OT/SO loss to be sure. As far as the Conference goes, the Ducks also have 106 points, but they have three games left and can max out at 112, meaning the Wings would need at least a win and an OT/SO loss if Anaheim doesn’t lose again. Of course, the Ducks play San Jose tonight, so a loss is a possibility.

… If the playoffs started today, the Wings would face Calgary, which has become a much less desirable matchup over the last week and a half or so as the Flames have heated up big time. They trail Minnesota by four points and it looks like the Wild are falling off a bit, so it’s possible that they could pass them if they win their three remaining games. Their job will be made easier if the Wild lose either (or both) of their last two games.

… One thing I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks, but have forgotten to mention, is the decision of Mike Babcock’s to put Mikael Samuelsson on the point during the power play. I have to say that I like it. Sammy is definitely better there than Jason Williams was, and is one of the only forwards on the team that has a hard enough shot for the job. Of course, it’ll be come less necessary once Mathieu Schneider returns, but it may not be a bad thing to mix it up like that every once and a while.

… Be sure to check out Dave’s recap.

3 Way Trade Yields Kyle Calder for Jason Williams

Update (Matt, 27. Feb, 12:03 AM): One last thing tonight: what number will he wear? He can’t have #19, which he had in Philly, nor can he have #16 or #9, both of which he has worn at different points in his career. He wore #25 his first year in Chicago, but I would think that’s also untouchable. Hopefully he won’t go fo #91 or else I’ll be pissed. He’s worn #32 before and could wear it again, even though it seems like a goalie’s number. Steve Thomas wore it during his time in Detroit so it actually might be fitting for Calder to take it. Anyway, it’s all speculation. We’ll find out tomorrow. (thanks to Sarah for doing the detective work on the numbers). – Matt

Update (Matt, 11:48 PM): Here’s what Ken Holland has to say about Calder, via the Freep:

“He chases the puck, he’s a forechecker. Come playoff time, that’s an ingredient you need. He’s not pretty, but he’s a gritty, greasy type of player.”

Sounds good to me. I’m very interested in seeing Calder play and it looks like we’ll get our chance tomorrow night as he’s expected to be in the lineup. – Matt

Update (Sarah, 10:53PM): Just a little more info on Calder for those (like me) who weren’t too familiar with him. He’s a 28-year old forward currently making $2.9 million a season. I spent a little time reading over his stats page on TSN and was pleased to read that he, “Provides his team with a bundle of energy every shift. Has a propensity to step it up in key situations. ” Sounds pretty good to me. Most sources seem to feel that he’s a gritty player (something there has certainly been a major outcry for…). One thing that stood out to me is that the guy hasn’t missed a game due to injury since October of 2005. Durability – there’s something to add to your list of pros. As for cons – well, this season’s stats top that list. +/- has never been stellar (though -31 is far below the norm). Personally I’m feeling pretty good about it at this point. I think once this guy gets on a winning team and starts having some fun, he could start putting up good numbers again. I bet Ken Holland does too. -Sarah

Update (Matt, 10:14 PM): Okay, the more I read about Calder, the better I feel about him. The general concensus seems to be that he’s a good player who’s just having a bad year. And if he’s a grittier player than Williams with a strong work ethic and good hands, I’m thinking he’ll fill the Wings’ need pretty well. Of course, we’ll have to see how he actually gels with the team, but I’m optimistic. – Matt

Update (Matt, 10:05 PM): Here’s James Mirtle’s take, plus the tidbit that the Wings are rumored to be close to getting Bill Guerin. I still find that hard to believe, but I could be wrong. Can the price have gone down that much? – Matt

Update (Matt, 10:00 PM): First of all, I’m unsure about how I feel about this deal. I know very little about Calder except that his stats are probably deflated from having been on a bad team, as Sarah pointed out below. I’m not sure what we gain by the trade, but perhaps Calder will be jumpstarted by a change in scenery. We’ll just have to see.

It’s a little hard to believe that Williams is no longer a Red Wing. It had to be awkward tonight when he got the call in Chicago. It will be strange if he’s on the ice tomorrow night for the Hawks, that’s for sure.

No comment from the Wings yet, but Jason Williams had a parting shot that struck me as a little odd, via the TSN article:

“I’m happy to be going to a team that wants me and I’m looking forward to helping the Blackhawks.”

From that I’ll assume he means he was Mike Babcock’s boy, not the front office’s. Interesting. Well, good luck in Chicago, Jason. – Matt

I’d be surprised now if anything else happens for the Wings on the trade front.

Paul Kukla is reporting a three way deal between the Blackhawks, the Flyers and the Red Wings

Apparently Chicago dealt Lasse Kukkonen and a third round pick to Philadelphia for Kyle Calder. Then Chicago traded Calder to the Wings in exchange for Jason Williams.

Hey, now we don’t have to worry about Babs putting Willy on the point anymore! That alone makes the trade worth it in my eyes (sorry Jason…).

TSN says Calder has 9 goals and 12 assists in 59 games with a +/- of -31

I was a little stunned by the -31 at first but then I remembered he’s been playing for the bottom-feeding Flyers. I expect that will improve playing with the defensive-minded Wings. We’ll see how he does in Willy’s spot on the 2nd line. Hopefully he’ll provide the offensive spark we’ve been looking for.