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The Big Deal

Update (1:04 PM): More on Owens via @byndblueshirts:

Owens is a scrappy, heart-&-soul winger who spent 2 yrs w/#WolfPack on AHL deal before earning NHL contract this summer. He’ll be missed.

- Matt

So, the Wings made a move afterall. And it’s a big one:

Via Gord Miller. Detroit sends Kris Newbury to the NYR for Jordan Owens.

Tweeted by Darren Dreger.

“Who,” you ask?

Chad Anguilm says:

He’s a “WolfPack” fan favorite. 19 Pts. in 50 games in the A… was someone bored?


Good luck in Hartford, Kris.

Now I have to create a post category for Owens…

Helm Out With Wrist Injury, Newbury Recalled

Update (2:35 PM): Megan on Newbury from the comments:

Oh. My. Gosh. Why, oh why? Newbury is torture. 19 points, sure. You know how you all felt about Bert before he scored 4 goals in 2 games? Yeah. Wasted chances. Turnovers. Stupid decisions with the puck. He is scrappy. Likes to scuffle between whistles, which irritates me. Dumb penalties. Not very fast. Not very big. I don’t like him at all, just ask the people who sit near me at Griffins games. Him and Ritola. I don’t like them. They play on the same line often.

Also, on Nylander, whose name has been batted around today among fans:

The Wings cannot call up Nylander. He is not on a Wing contract. First they would have to get him from Washington. And from what I’ve seen of him in GR, you don’t want him.

Yeah, there’s a reason the Caps are doing eveything they can to not fulfill the spirit of their contract with him, though they’re bound to fulfill the letter. He cleared waivers: the Wings don’t want him. Why they’re okay with him taking TOI from actual Detroit properties is beyond me. Maybe he’d get claimed on re-entry waivers, but Caps have washed their hands of him, so a call-up doesn’t appear to be in his future.

Megan also says this on Twitter:

I’d call up Jeremy Williams, if I was Holland, but I’m not

Williams isn’t listed as a center (has he played in the middle at all?) so that may have been a factor.

- Matt

Distracted or not, gotta post this.

The hits keep on coming: Darren Helm is the latest victim of the assault on the Wings’ health as he’s out tonight with a wrist injury suffered in Nashville. No timetable for return, but he went through tests this morning. Here’s hoping it’s a short-term sprain.

In the meantime, Kris Newbury, of all people, has been called up to center the fourth line. Newbury is notable for his tattoos and the 19 points he’s put up this season. I don’t honestly know a lot about him. Megan may have more.

Fortunately, Filppula’s set to return soon, so even if Helm’s out for a bit, they have the Falling Finn on the horizon. This definitely hurts the team’s energy level, though, as well as its physicality.

Who’s next?

For those wondering why not Tatar, 1) he’s young (as Megan has pointed out in the comments) and 2), he’s on his way the WJC’s. As for Newbury over other guys? Couldn’t tell you.