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Maltby Makes His Decision

And it’s retirement. He’ll make it official in a press conference later today.

It’s a sad day for the organization and the fanbase, to see a guy like Malts have to hang them up. Whatever’s left in his tank, it may be the best thing for him not to try and hold on, but it is hard to believe he won’t be a playing member of the organization any more.

Maltby wasn’t the flashiest guy on the team, but he was one of the hardest working and managed to win over a fanbase because of it. He was more than a mere grinder. He was an integral part to this team’s success over the  years, propping up the underside of the lineup so the bigger names could shine. And he’s a character guy, a force in a lockerroom that will miss his leadership.

Bill put it better than I ever could.

Thanks for evrything, Malts. Looking forward to seeing what you can do for the team in a suit.

Hold Off On Buying a Maltby Jersey, Griffins Fans

I think most of us can read the same stuff between the lines Khan is reading. I think he plays tomorrow night and the Wings give Bertuzzi one more day of rest to allow Kirk the chance to take another spin at the Joe.

I’m conflicted on this: I hate to see a guy like Kirk forced out of the game by roster limitations, but on the other hand, despite my writing in the past that he should go down rather than to another team, I’ve never been fully comfortable with the idea of Maltby as an AHLer.

Either way, he doesn’t get what he truly wants, and that’s the sucky part.

Maltby, Meech Clear Waivers

Update (1:01 PM): Maltby’s taking a day to decide what he’ll do. -  Matt

No big surprise. Now the question for Maltby becomes, as @mserven put it, “… is $105k worth the risk of an injury that impacts your retirement life?”

As for Meech, I have to feel bad for the guy. He’s been stuck in a sort of career no-mans land here in Detroit for a couple years and now he’s not even getting bites when he’s out there for free. Not a great way to have your career go.

Maltby, Meech Waived

More from @TSNBobMcKenzie:

Det puts Maltby and Meech on waivers.

Khan has slightly more detail, but you already know the gist.

So does Maltby go to the AHL or does he retire*? As for what this day means for Red Wings history, Bill put it better than I ever could this morning.

So Eaves is safe, if he ever was on the cusp. And Draper’s likely not going on LTIR or the Wings wouldn’t bother with waiving Maltby yet.

As for Meech, I guess he has to clear again due to a waiver reset on September 25th. Given his health status, I’d be shocked if anyone claims him.

*That’s assuming a third option—that he gets claimed—isn’t really likely. Though I wouldn’t put it past the Lightning, who may want his leadership.

Wings Considering Waiving Eaves?

Update (5:00 PM): Khan followed up with a suggestion that FSD may have just needed an angle for a graphic portraying a roster battle and included Eaves because Miller’d been declared safe by Babcock and because Draper’s also assured a spot. If that’s all it is, that’s some weak sauce by the ‘Net, as Eaves has been portrayed as only slightly less safe than Draper. Why not just set it up as a battle between Maltby and Ritola for first call up slot?

Still, that wouldn’t explain the information Paul got. - Matt

Update (4:38 PM): I emailed Khan and he pointed out that only a Mike Mulbury-like GM would fall for Todd’s ruse suggestion. Put like that, it doesn’t seem likely after all. But that’d mean the Wings are actually looking at this route, unless FSD pulled that graphic out of thin air last night and the team was leading Paul on. – Matt

Update (14:32 PM): @hockeytowntodd (of A2Y fame) has an interesting suggestion:

Wings are playing the waiver wire with talk of Eaves (tomorrow)… Just hoping teams will pass on Ritola

Would be cool if correct, but I guess we just have to wait and see. - Matt

That’s the current buzz. Looks like it was kicked off by George’s tweet here referencing FSD speculation to that effect. Paul’s got word from the Wings that they won’t make anything official until tomorrow, which pretty much acts as confirmation of the buzz.

My take: as good as Maltby’s pre-season was, I’m not convinced he can keep that up over a full season. When his ankle heals, Eaves will make the team better now and throughout the season with younger legs and a greater offensive upside. And he’s a guy who would be around longer than this year.

Frankly, I’m surprised this is even a question, though I suspect it wouldn’t be if Eaves had been healthy all pre-season.

I say go with Eaves and look to bring Maltby in for the playoffs, when his hunger may be all the greater for having played in the AHL all year. At some point, the Wings’ loyalty to their guys has to lose out to practicality.

But of course I don’t run the hockey club.

Maltby Signed

Burst of roster activity here: Maltby’s agreed to a one-year, two-way deal that’ll pay him $105,000 if he’s in the AHL or $525,000 in the NHL. Malts will go to camp and see what happens, but the odds are he’ll be in Grand Rapids to start the season.

On Hollis’ Open Letter to Kirk Maltby

I see Chris’ point, but… let’s be realistic here: Maltby still has a shot at cracking the lineup in Detroit at some point this year, whether it’s in the regular season or the playoffs.

The Wings did not satisfy some mystical injury quota last season. It is not outside the realm of possibility that the team will be in need of a call-up or two at some point. Maltby may not be at the head of the line, but it wouldn’t take too many LTIR-style injuries to result in his triumphant return to the Joe. And if injuries don’t come along, there’s always the McCarty Precedent.

I wouldn’t have a problem with Maltby going to Tampa Bay, but I wouldn’t automatically advise he do so. If nothing else, it’d be easier on the family to be just a couple hours down the freeway than in an entirely different state. And at this stage in his career, family considerations weigh heavily.