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Quote of the Day

“We were always confident it was everyone else that wasn’t confident.”

— Ken Holland

Via, in the context of the Wings’ backup situation prior to the Howard injury. But what a great quote, eh? How many other situations for the Wings could you apply that to? Love it.

Quote of the Day

“The criticisms of our organization have probably been, we are not big enough and tough enough and, at times, we’ve been too old. But I’ll put our record up against anybody.”

– Ken Holland, to the Detroit News*

Swagger. At the highest levels. Your Detroit Red Wings.

(pointed out by Jeff in his preview of the game tonight at A2Y)

*Clipboard hijacking fail, by the way. I hate that crap.

Morning Read: Malik on Maltby and Holland

Great rundown of the realities of the cap NHL and veteran players, and how hard it is to balance loyalty and financial necessity. Holland’s doing the best he can by offering Maltby a chance at getting back with the team later in the season. I don’t know what else he’s supposed to do.

Dealing Leino a Mistake? No.

Update (10:28 AM): Edited to flesh out thoughts a bit more, brush up some wording, etc. - Matt

Chris at Nightmare on Helm Street suggests it was a mistake to get rid of Ville Leino, given that the guy’s lighting it up for Philadelphia now.

Maybe it looks like a mistake at a glance, but when you consider the apparent issues Leino had in Detroit, I can’t see it as one. The guy just didn’t mesh with the coach or the system here. I’m not an expert in what Laviolette is doing in Philly, but it seems to me that something about him or his system has sparked this change in Leino. If that’s true, keeping him in Detroit would have just perpetuated the suck because the team wasn’t going to change to suit the needs of one player. The Wings have a coach and a system that requires everyone be on the same page, or close to it. Leino wasn’t there.

Chris cites Howard as an example of Holland’s usual patience and contrasts it with his apparent lack of patience with Leino. I guess the difference there is the Wings could wait for Jimmy in GR while they had fine goaltending in Detroit. Leino, on the other hand, had effectively blackmailed his way onto the team and then didn’t back it up consistently. It’s sort of apples to oranges to compare a kid in the AHL to a guy leeching on your roster in the NHL.

Some players just don’t work out in a given situation. That they end up working out in another is not necessarily a mark against the GM who moved him. Keeping him in Detroit would have been a waste of a roster spot and cap space at best and a drag on the on-ice product at worst. Holland had no idea how Leino would work out elsewhere. All he had to go on was how he was working out here.

Dreger’s Got Big Red Wing News

Update (29. Apr, 8:25AM): George’s post here has more clarification on the specifics of 1) and 2). That is, slightly different takes than Dreger’s. - Matt

Two ways: 1) the Wings are letting the Lightning talk to Yzerman about their open GM position, and 2) Holland’s getting a contract extension.

That’s the first I’ve heard of 2) so it’s news to me. And big news, too. If you take Holland’s comments about leaving when Lidstrom leaves at face value, it might mean something for the negotiations with Nick (though probably not: Kenny’s mostly kidding, it seems).

But 1)’s the hot news that’ll the attention out of town. I guess it’s a big change in the status quo, for sure, but I’m still not convinced Yzerman’s going to bolt. I wonder how much of the Wings’ granting permission to the Lightning comes out of confidence he’s not going to leave.

However realistic outsiders may feel the chances of his being seduced are, I know for myself I’ll never really believe Yzerman’s leaving until I see him in a press conference with another team.