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Wings Finally Finalize Deals With Abdelkader, Colaiacovo

Update (10:56 AM): Khan has the cap hit for Abdelkader at $1.8 million and has the payout breakdown, too. - Matt

Per team releases, the Wings have finally signed Justin Abdelkdader and Carlo Colaiacovo.

Justin gets four years and maybe $1.7 million a season, and Carlo gets two years and $5 million total.

I’m not totally sure I would have given Abdelkader four years, or that salary. But maybe he’ll up his game to match it.

As for Colaiacovo, it’s far from exciting, even if he turns out to be better than expected. We’ll see just how much he shores up the defense, I guess.

I am concerned what this means for Jakub Kindl. He’s gotten off to a disappointingly slow start to his NHL career, but you see some flashes of promise here and there. But this makes him the 7th defenseman, essentially, because you know Brendan Smith won’t be last on the depth chart no matter what. As I suggested the other day, Colaiacovo is Kindl’s new Commodore. Beat him out, Jakub.

NBC’s Trouble With Spelling & Lineup Sheets

Nick Lidstrom’s name gets misspelled by fans a lot. I don’t know why. But I do know this shouldn’t happen:

Or this:

Note the difference between the two misspellings.

Then there’s this:

Credit to @JeffHancock 41 for pointing out the lineup error (Mursak).

Yep, it’s amateur hour over at NBC Sports Network tonight. Pretty sad.

On NHL 36

This post is for those of you not on Twitter.

Ian Cole Gets Three

Per Brendan Shanahan explains why here.

The hit definitely deserved a suspension and three for a first-time offender’s pretty typical for the type of hit, I guess. But I’d like to see some stiffer punishment for such direct head contact. Three games may cause Cole to think twice as a guy who has gotten in trouble for the first time in his career, but I don’t know that it’ll deter other guys, which has to be at least part of the point of this.

Abdelkader Locked Up for 2 Years

Update (10:52 PM): Been away from the computer all night, so I’m a bit late on this, but Chuck Pleiness has the cap hit at $787,500, with the yearly breakdown at $750,000 this year and $825,000 next year. - Matt

Update (2:11 PM): At the post linked in the headline, Paul has it from Custance via a tweet: $787,000 annual salary. That, according to CapGeek, has the Wings under the cap by just over $75,000 with the “bonus cushion.” But they have 24 players (not counting Ritola), which means someone (Meech) has to go. – Matt

No word on how much he’ll be making yet, but that’s sure to come out soon. Great news, for sure. Now the question is what the Wings will do to become cap-compliant. We may not know the answer to that until the end of next month.

Dreger: Helm Snags Two Years, $1.825 Million


Helm 2 year ext with Det. $825,000 and $1 mil.

That’s a cap hit of $.9125 million. Not bad. That leaves $1,612,122 or so for Abdelkader; you can see how it might set the bar for that signing. Getting a veteran defenseman will be tough with these numbers, though, even if they do move Meech.

Two more years of Helm at that rate is reasonable. It would have been cool to see 3-4+ out of him, but this is a good deal.