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Softening on Tootoo

Lying awake last night, I came across @RedWingsFeed’s tweet:

So I had to check it out (not the cap, specifically—his Instagram photos). Here he is in a seal skin suit. Here he is with some kids. Here he is with some meat. There are a lot more.

Anyway, as I tweeted last night, the photos had the effect of humanizing the guy for me. I’ve not had the same sort of perspective on him as you normally would for a villain—I’ve always been concerned that his playing style would lead to someone really taking it out on him more than I’ve felt pure fan hatred for him. But I know he’s changed his style and gone through some personal problems. Now I look at his Instagram stuff and see a normal (professional hockey player, granted) dude.

I’m interested to see how he does in the Wings’ environment. If he plays the game right and takes advantage of the support structure, he could fit in great.

Also, I hope the Wings don’t curtail his social media activity. It’ll be great to have an active player on Twitter/Instagram.

Two Reclamation Projects, One Re-Reclamation Project and One Totally New Guy

Real quick:

So, I caught the first deal on streaming TSN radio on the way to Coldwater and the second via Twitter while still on the road. The second set came via Twitter on the way home. One of them made the baby cry. Okay, she cried coincidental to our reaction to the news. I’ll let you guess which one.

I’m pleased with the Gustavsson signing, for sure. The Wings needed a backup that has the potential to do actual backup duties and Gustavasson can be that guy. He’s one of my two “reclamation projects” but I think he’ll follow the Wings’ typical storyline with that.

The Brunner signing is cool, but we already knew it was coming. Two way, so Babcock was overexcited when he talked about him being top six material, as was generally thought.

I was less pleased to find out the Wings are giving Mikael Samuelsson another chance. $3 million seems like a lot for him. He’s the re-reclamation project. Haven’t we already tried this?

Then came the Jordin Tootoo news. Not sure what’s going on there and how he fits. It feels redundant, given the makeup of the team today. I’ve never been a fan of his, but if he can match the Bertuzzi model, I’ll be less likely to feel sick whenever I see him out on the ice. He’s overpaid, though.

Petrella points out this means a lot of forwards, which could suggest a trade is in the works.

No actual news on the big two guys, Suter and Parise. The Wings went all in for them and it could pay off tomorrow as they get around to making a decision. We’ll see.

Mirtle on Tootoo

James Mirtle has some of the best commentary on the Tootoo-Robidas incident I’ve seen yet. Those looking to defend Tootoo for what he did would do well to check out what James has to say. Pay special attention to the quote he includes from Robidas in which the Stars defenseman describes his own intentions on the play. Even without having read the quote, that’s how I read the guy’s body language.

I have to say that, on second thought, five games seems a bit light.

Tootoo Suspended

Update (9:24 PM): I just noticed something and so did Gabriel, who pointed it out in the comments:

“If my math is correct, that means his fifth game missed will be against our Wings. That’s good for our team as the playoffs are right around the corner and we can’t afford to lose a defenseman like Schneider to some idiot in shoulder pads.”

Couldn’t agree more, Gabriel, though it’s too bad Bootland won’t get another shot at Tootoo, even if Darryl’s still on the roster by then. Oh well. There’s always next season. - Matt

Followup on yesterday’s Notes post: Jordin Tootoo was given a five-game suspension for this slug to the face of Stephane Robidas:

Five games seems about right, I suppose. I just hope it’ll be enough to get Jordin to tone his game down a bit and show a little more respect. There’s nothing wrong with being a hard hitting, energetic player, but Tootoo goes over the line. I hope for his opponents’ sake, but as well as his own, that he learns his lesson. If not, he’ll either seriously hurt someone someday, or be seriously hurt himself when he pisses off someone bigger and nastier than himself.

3/18 Notes

… The Wings blew their Division/Conference/League lead last night when they lost 4-1 to Vancouver while Nashville and Jordin Tootoo were beating up Dallas to win 3-2.

I missed the first period, which I see was penalty-ridden, but I got to see the second and third periods and it didn’t seem much better. I haven’t got much more to say, except that they need to stay out of the box better than that. When they’re getting bench minor penalties for having six players not just on the ice, but in the zone playing, something’s wrong. They were obviously not on top of the mental game.

Anyway, if you didn’t read the liveblog from last night, read it now.

… I had a reason to mention Tootoo above and the reason is this:

For that disgusting example of disrespect, Tootoo was given a roughing penalty while Robidas was called for charging. Did I mention that Robidas had to be carted off the ice on a stretcher? No? Oh. Well, he did. How, exactly, does that work?

Now, Barry Trotz obviously isn’t going to throw his own player under the bus, but his defense of Tootoo sickens me:

“Toots obviously hit their top player, and the current response in hockey is someone has got to get over there and defend your honor. Robidas was really charging at Toots, and he just reacted. I give him a lot of credit – he kept his gloves on.”

“The current response in hockey”? That’s how it’s always been, Trotz. Robidas was going in to defend Modano, which is exactly what he should have done.

I’m not convinced Robidas was technically charging, but all Tootoo had to do was sidestep it or absorb it (Robidas wasn’t going that fast). If he had a chance to swing, he had a chance to step aside instead. I don’t know what condition Robidas is in, but had Tootoo had a chance to drop his glove, Robidas might have been seriously injured. Oh, and Tootoo would probably have a broken hand, so I guess Trotz is right to give him credit for that.

Robidas obviously has a concussion, but it doesn’t seem like the League is looking at a suspension. If there isn’t some kind of disciplinary action, the League is going to look incredibly stupid. That kind of stuff has no place in the game, whether it’s Tootoo or anyone else doing it. The kid’s had a red-letter week, that’s for sure.

… Apparently, this is the week that Todd Bertuzzi will return to the ice. He’s had a number of pain-free practices and should be good to go Thursday or Saturday. I’m definitely looking forward to it. I want to see what he’ll do for us in the Winged Wheel.