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1/20 Injury Update

Correction (9:31 PM): Per Chuck Pleiness, Ericsson’s injury is from practice, not the game, and Gustavsson’s injury is more of a typical early-season thing for him. - Matt

Ansar Khan has info on injuries from last night that go beyond Jan Mursak’s shoulder: Jonathan Ericsson and Jonas Gustavsson both suffered injuries of their own.

Gustavsson has a sore groin and is out two games. Thomas McCollum has been recalled. I hope that’s simply as a goaltender bench ornament because probably falls short of his potential even in charting faceoffs. Here’s hoping Jimmy doesn’t pull his groin, too.

This kind of thing is bound to happen with the short camp and non-existent pre-season. Another thing to thank the Lockout for.

Meanwhile, Jonny stepped on a puck, fell into the boards and tweaked his shoulder. Can’t blame that on the Lockout; that’s just Jonny. He calls himself questionable for the game tomorrow.

On the plus side, Jakub Kindl declared himself ready to go if necessary, though how true that is of course does not depend on him. The Wings may just have Jonny suck it up.

Khan does have an update on the result of Jan Mursak’s trip into the boards courtesy of David “Hit-In-The” Backes: it could have him out for a few weeks.

That opens up a spot for Patrick Eaves, who hasn’t played since November 2011, which is great for Patrick, but not so much for fans hoping for a Gustav Nyquist or Tomas Tatar recall.


The Chief highlights the horror.

I don’t care if you’re one of those rare people who try to give Ericsson a pass these days. You have to admit his taking over Lidstrom’s lockerroom stall is a crime against the Winged Wheel.

Is Niklas Kronwall too attached to his stall? I would give that stall to Brendan Smith before Jonathan Ericsson.

Ericsson Out For A Month

As I said, we missed last night’s trap game, but in addition to the loss, the Wings are now short a defenseman. Jonathan Ericsson’s going to be out a month with a wrist injury, which means either Jakub Kindl has a chance to make something of himself or the Wings will go back to the trade feeding trough. Or Mike Commodore’s going to be paid to actually play.

I won’t say this is some great loss to the Wings’ blueline, but it’d technically be a downgrade to go from Jonny’s moderate overall improvement to Kindl’s obvious rookieness. But maybe Kindl babysat by Quincey will be better than he was with Jonny doing it. We’ll see.

Quick Thoughts From Camp

In case you didn’t see my tweets from Traverse City yesterday, some quick thoughts on the one day of camp I was able to attend:

The difference between the organization #1 goalie and a kid fighting for a spot in a logjam: after the practice portion of the morning, the group splits into squads that do this skating routine that’s like watching team speed skating. The leader goes along a route either he decides or that’s pre-determined (I’m not sure which) and the guys behind him follow at a couple feet’s distance.

Jordan Pearce  did  his best to follow the exact route set by the leader at his best pace and ended up struggling to finish most times in his heavy equipment. I’m pretty sure he got lapped a couple times. Meanwhile, Jimmy Howard took abbreviated routes at a much more leisurely pace and didn’t keel over at the end.

Jimmy’s somewhat casual attitude was also evident in other drills, which isn’t a huge surprise as the other top tier guys obviously hold something back in these scenarios too.

Ty Conklin’s been attacked by a bush: He’s got a big beard. If he doesn’t contain that thing, he could gain some extra chest padding in the form of facial hair before the end of the season. Conks looked good in drills, so here’s hoping that translates into the season.

Hudler is very short in person: It’s kind of shocking just how short. He played a bit bigger than he is, though, in the scrimmage. Seemed to be working to try to make a splash. Wasn’t all that successful, but points for effort, I guess.

Moods: Bertuzzi didn’t miss an opportunity to slam a puck into the net or, if he missed, the endboards. He seemed annoyed. Holmstrom looked like he was just having fun. He showed off his ridiculous top-shelf-at-close-range abilities while goofing off during down time in the practice.

Eyes On Defense: Smith’s looking confident. Maybe too much so. He uses drop passes at every opportunity and is probably going to look like a moron when one of those gets picked off in the NHL whenever he gets a game in.

Commodore did some good work recovering with smart poke-checks on some drills.

Jonathan Ericsson looked serious, but still sent pucks into skates on breakout drills. He did a lot of yelling instructions, too.

During the scrimmage, Ian White looked pretty good. He has a shot that should fit well with the team’s net front guys and seemed to do fairly well with Lidstrom. He’s pretty small, like Rafalski, but has a different build. He’s obviously not as good a skater. If he can be coached to change his game some, he could fit in well.

Datsyuk: It was a little strange to see him in #24, because I kept wondering where #13 was when his linemates were out there, but he looked good. As I said before, guys of his caliber seem to hold back a bit in these things, but he did have an element of trying to one-up Zetterberg. It wasn’t in a seriously, game-time way, though. Contrast that with the young guys, who were obviously working much harder to impress, which led to a marked difference in intensity. Even with that, though, when the main team’s lines were on the ice, there was a big difference in quality of play, as you’d expect. When it was the kids, there was a lot more clump skating.

Brunnstrom: Definitely tried to stand out, and earned a goal in the scrimmage. I wasn’t blown away by him.

Tomas Jurco: Really impressed me with his use of his size and just the fact that he looked a step ahead of everyone else in his tier on the ice. I’m looking forward to watching him develop and fill out. He could shoot a little more, but he’s got the ability to cut through a defense and make a play, as well as the size to shrug off defenders. He also looks distractingly like Valtteri Filppula, so I kept confusing the two.

Eaves: Looked pretty good in his new role, though I doubt it’ll last.

Franzen: Seeing him in person and around other players and you really get why Yzerman had that initial reaction to the guy. He’s big. He didn’t do a ton in the scrimmage, except scare me when he went off hunched over and grimmacing. I think he may have just been out of breath, though.

Holy Crap Ericsson

Update (10:04 PM): The best part: Jonny’s cap hit will be higher than Nik Kronwall’s $3 million. Nik’ll make just $500,000 more this year than Ericsson. Fortunately for his self-esteem, he’s due for a big raise next summer. - Matt

Update (9:56 PM): Chuck Pleiness confirms Ericsson and the Wings have reached an agreement. And he confirms the numbers. Awesome. - Matt

This is what a weak defenseman free agency market gets you: Jonathan Ericsson for $9.75 million over 3 years (reportedly). That’s a $3.25 million cap hit for a guy that was a nightmare seemingly 9 out of 10 times he was on the ice. For comparison’s sake, Kevin Bieksa made $3.5 million last year. If by the end of three years, Ericsson is worth the kind of money Vancouver just awarded Bieksa, I’ll eat my hat.

Also not encouraging: the big hangup for Jonny was reportedly over role. I guess playing with Rafalski wasn’t enough for the Box. So be prepared for more Big E, I guess? Maybe with Nick babysitting?

If Norris can make it 8 playing alongside Jonny, I don’t ever want to hear another word about Bobby Orr.

Oh, and meanwhile, Ehrhoff is off the market. Priorities.

Minor Ericsson Update

Kevin Allen (@kausatoday) had this to tweet earlier:

Detroit D Jonathan Ericsson will probably be out another week, according to GM Ken Holland.

The Detroit media may have more later, but this is your off-day injury update for Jonny. “Out” may mean “off the ice,” so don’t necessarily look for #52 to be back in the lineup next week.

Join the Jonathan Ericsson Watch

Update (11:25 PM): Ellen’s made it a pool for real now, so be sure to get your guess in over at her place. - Matt

Ellen’s got a—I dunno, what is it? A moneyless pool at this point? Anyway, she’s asking for guess on how long Jonny lasts as the #6 this season if he doesn’t get it together.

My answer was more than a bit sarcastic, but in all seriousness, I hope it’s not long. If he doesn’t at least show some kind of improvement, the Wings cannot afford Babs’ trademark stubbornness keeping him in the lineup. That’s my take, anyway. Head over to Big Red Machine to give yours.

Especially if you think Jonny has it in him to surprise us all and end his decline from the next big thing on the blueline to the next bust. (Part of me still does, but that part dies a little more on virtually every shift of his)