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Illitch, Nill, Holland, Devallano, Bowman interviewed

The Detroit News has a great interview  (full transcript) with the Wings’ braintrust in today’s edition. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in there, but I thought I’d point out this part:

News: Last year in the playoffs, when it was hard to sell tickets, was that a red flag for you?

Ilitch: It meant to us, wake up. Wake up. In other words, the price is too high and they’re sick and tired of playing Nashville and Columbus and all those teams. And the exhibition games, getting charged for the exhibition games.

There’s such a thing as being over-focused on winning and maybe being a little out of touch with the fans.

There is evidence of change coming, from the $9 tickets to their recent open practices to this very interview. The team seems to be opening up and that’s great news for us fans. (via Abel to Yzerman)