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Behold the new Red Wings jerseys

Update (15. Aug, 9:10 PM): The Free Press has some more details on the jerseys, including the news that the “C” and “A’s” will be on the right rather than the left this season. Apparently, the multiple panels of the new design dictated the move. You can see what it’ll look like in one of the pictures accompanying the article.

Another change:

The bottom: Instead of a square cut, it’s rounded, and the back flap is a little longer than the front, like a polo shirt. So instead of a solid white stripe around the bottom, it’s more like two half-moons, front and back.

More effort to streamline the whole thing, I guess, though it could imply that the idea of tucking the jerseys in hasn’t totally died. Just wait for that NHL Fan Faceoff survey question (and answer “NO!” if given the option).

The letter change will be a little weird at first, but it’s not a terrible change. Overall, I’m pleased with the route the Wings took on this. Definitely more sober than some teams. - Matt

This is no message board mock-up, folks. It’s the real thing.


That’s just a picture of the replica version, not the authentic one, but there isn’t any real difference between the two as far as coloring is concerned. The material on the authentics will obviously be different, though. It’s a relief to see that there are hardly any changes to the overall look. I can definitely live with the new collar.

Pre-order yours by calling (313) 396-7583 or by printing off this PDF file and faxing it to the Wings at (313) 396-7010. It’s $130 for a blank jersey and $155 for a customized version.

(via Snapshots, who got it from’s Misconduct blog)

ESPN: Referee uniforms also changing

If you watched the Game last night, you probably noticed that the refs’ orange armbands were replaced by silver. Well, according to ESPN, the change will become permanent next year in an effort to create continuity between the League’s new logo and the officials’ uniforms.

Personally, I think it’s a completely unnecessary change because I liked being able to locate the refs at a glance and orange stands out much better than the new silver. But no one asked me, obviously.

Some jersey mockups

These have been floating around the internet for a while now and are probably some fan’s Photoshop work, but they provide a decent look at what’s possible. They look especially fake until you get down to the second Montreal set, but after that, they look pretty plausible and not half bad. The Red Wing version looks terrible, though, and I’d be disgusted if they look anything like that. I suspect they’d go more the Montreal/Toronto route, if these mockups are anything like reality. (via Southeast Shootout)