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On Asinine Theories

Update (9:21 AM): Headline link corrected. This is why you don’t post at 3:30 AM after the baby gets you up. Sorry. - Matt

Contrary to the above linked piece, I would like to suggest that a switch from an organization’s NHL bench to an organization’s AHL bench is by definition a demotion, regardless of whether or not the arrangement was mutually agreed upon. A lateral move would have been to re-assign Blashill to some other set of Red Wings assistant duties.

It’s unclear what exactly would have happened if Blashill had said no to the Wings’ offer to take the Griffins spot, but it is clear by the fact they went to him that there was some level of dissatisfaction there. Maybe they realized the big squad needed a more experienced hand, while at the same time acknowledging that Blashill could, with his years of experience working with younger players, help with prospect development. Maybe they would have stuck it out with him if he’d turned the Griffins spot down. Who knows. Obviously, if the Wings were hugely dissatisfied with Blashhill, they would have flat out fired him.

But this is still a demotion. He had demonstrated his talents, which happened not to lie with assistant bench bossing an NHL team at this time, so the Wings moved him. Not unlike how they would have moved a prospect that wasn’t up to full time in the NHL—a demotion.

As for the other theory mentioned in my post, that it could help attract Danny DeKeyser, there’s this. Maybe DeKeyser’s just generally interested in his old coach’s career moves, but there may also be something there.

Blashill Sent Down

Update (4:12 PM): Okay, there goes my theory: the Wings asked him last week if he wanted the spot.

Petrella’s got a theory:

Could be (on base)—Blashill’s job prior to coming to the Wings gives him added experience in handling younger players, too. The Wings must see value in that, too, even if he didn’t work out for the big club. - Matt

He gets to be the head coach of the Griffins. The Wings now have a vacancy on the bench.

As @chollis pointed out, this isn’t exactly a promotion. So the notion that the Wings were entirely satisfied with their assistant coaches isn’t holding up too well. But keeping him in the organization and putting him in charge of the last stage of the funnel to the NHL isn’t really a sign that they’re that unsatisfied.

This is pure speculation, but I wonder if he asked to take the position, to get back to West Michigan after leaving WMU to head to Detroit.