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We can forget about Grigorenko

According to Bruce MacLeod, the Wings are all but done with Russian prospect/disappointment Igor Grigorenko. Ken Holland told him, “I think it’s time to move on.” Unless they hear that he’s in great shape again, they’ll let their rights to him expire .

After Grigorenko’s decision to come to training camp out of shape and his flouting of the Wings’ desire that he remain in Grand Rapids for the season, this should come as no surprise. The guy cleary does not fit the organization’s ethos and it’s probably not a stretch to say he doesn’t have what it takes to be an NHLer.

It’s a disappointment, for sure, as we’ve been reading about him for 5+ years, cheering him on through his recovery from the car accident, and intently watching his long-awaited arrival in North America. Too bad. Good luck in Russia, Igor.

Grigorenko returning to Russia

Update (27. Oct, 11:15 AM): Bruce MacLeod has more here and IwoCPO has a good roundup at Abel to Yzerman (and be sure to check out the comments). -  Matt 

Ansar Khan reports that Igor Grigorenko is headed back to Russia. The team will retain his rights if he wants to try again next year, though they’ll need to sign him to another contract this summer if they hope to give him another chance. It goes without saying that he’ll have to come better prepared next time around, if there is one. Good luck in Russia, Igor.

10/23 Grigorenko Update

Update (7:25 PM):Bob Roose’s article on the Wings’ official site has a great Mike Babcock quote about how Grigorenko will have to earn a spot:

“If someone has a bad game and someone is working their butt off, they’re the first one in – absolutely. Ellis has gone from a guy who played very little to not dressing to playing to playing well to having three or four points and being a plus-four. It’s called a work ethic.”

This is the time for Grigorenko to show that he has the the necessary work ethic. He certainly has the talent, but that’s not all that matters. – Matt

Bruce MacLeod reports that Igor Grigorenko participated in drills with the fourth line in today’s practice. However, because the majority of practice was spent working on the power play, Igor did not see a lot of ice. It doesn’t look like he’ll play this week after all, because he’ll need time to prove he’s one of the 20 best players with the team, that he’s a “winner.”

… George Malik has a take on Grigorenko from Ken Holland, in he states the obvious: like every Red Wing, he is going to be evaluated on a day-to-day basis. Because of that, Malik says, it’s “premature” to speculate where Grigorenko will end up two weeks from now. Whatever demands Grigorenko appears to be making, the Wings are not just going along, at least according to Holland’s reaction to the accusation.

… Ken Holland told Helene St. James that this is Igor’s last shot, as he does not “anticipate … heading down this path a year from now.” I’m not going to be too heartbroken if Grigorenko blows his last chance at playing in the NHL. If he burns bridges with the Wings, who will, barring a transfer agreement between Russia and the NHL, remain the only team that will have his rights from now until he retires, he’ll be stuck in Europe.

Aaron Downey’s value

Dave at Gorilla Crouch has a great post on the Igor Grigorenko situation up. In it, he makes a good case for keeping Aaron Downey on the roster over Grigorenko: Downey’s presence will help deter goons like Jordin Tootoo from taking a cheapshot on one of the team’s stars.

As for Igor himself, Dave believes his days as a Red Wing are nearing an end and I can’t disagree. It’s going to take a major turnaround in that kid’s attitude for the team to keep him around beyond Franzen’s return.

10/22 Drake Update

Helene St. James reports that Dallas Drake will miss at least the next two games with a broken cheekbone. He’ll be checked out again on Friday, but it looks like he’ll be available for the road trip next week. It looks, then, like this will be the week for Igor Grigorenko to find a way into the lineup, probably over Aaron Downey. As soon as Drake returns, there’ll only be one open spot and Matt Ellis has that one pretty well locked down. Personally, I’d rather Downey continue to dress until Drake returns, but that’s just me.