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One Swede Steps Forward, Another Recedes

Reports by Captain Obvious masquerading as various Detroit media personalities indicate that Henrik Zetterberg will be the next captain and that Tomas Holmstrom will retire.

Z getting the C has been the assumption since Lidstrom retired months ago. Still, it’s nice to get this semi-official (but unsourced) confirmation, even if it’s a reminder of strangeness of two formerly embattled sides coming back together like nothing happened. Congrats, though, Hank. Lead on!

As for Holmstrom, it’ll be a sad day for the organization when the official announcement is made. I’ll always consider him to have been a major cog in the Big Red Machine and a key to its success over the years. He’s been the point of the spear for so long, even if he’d gotten a little duller recently, so his absence will be felt. Formal goodbyes to come when the day comes, Tomas.

Fortunately, Mike Babcock and Co. have had a lot of time to prepare for this.

By the way, anyone notice anything mission from the media reports on these two stories? Nothing about anonymous sources in the organization…just reported as fact. A little different.

Zetterberg Reads the Tea Leaves

… some of which he had a hand in laying out:

Z’s been playing an active role in the PA’s side of the negotiations, so his decision to jump into the exodus stream to Europe does not bode well for our chances of having a hockey season.

But as JJ points out, the plus side—such as there is a plus side in this situation—is that he’ll be joining Damien Brunner’s team. If they can cook up some chemistry, maybe we’ll have a strong combo when the League returns.

Relive the Moment

So, we missed the game due to the birthing class as I said we would. But we caught the last 12 minutes on the radio. And when that faceoff after the puck went into the bench came up, I said “come on, guys, do it.”

And this is what they did.

So. Awesome.

I could watch that play at any point in the rest of my life and still love it: the way Nick sees Z out of the corner of his eye and puts it to that spot along the boards. The way Z immediately rifles it across to Pavel. The way Pavel undresses Ryan Suter and snipes Pekka Rinne. Incredible.

I don’t know what happened the rest of the game. But that moment was sweet. The Wings have something this year: a certain clutchness. It’s great.

Anyway, before we head out to the second birthing class session this morning, three things:

  1. Someone tell Ryan Suter that the only way he avoids that ever happening again in public to him is to sign with Detroit.
  2. Have Ken Kal and Paul Woods changed formats? Seemed like they were taking turns with calling the game and offering color. As someone who has been conditioned to exclusively associate “on-ice events” with Kal and “uh analysis uh” with Woods, it was weird.
  3. See the description of the video I’ve linked here. How does Fox Sports opt to put the terrible Pistons on the main channel versus the Wings? Stupid.

Zetterberg Out; Howard Update

Update (2:46 PM): To make room for Tatar, the Wings have placed Dan Cleary on the STIR, retroactive to the 8th, per team press release. - Matt

Update (2:03 PM): Khan has the full write-up here. - Matt

Update (12:29 PM): Turns out Z’s day-to-day with a “lower body” injury (more detail here).

Meanwhile, Tomas Tatar’s getting recalled. He’s not the team leader in points (Nyquist is), but he’s put up 13 goals and 23 assists in 49 games.

Anyway, this:

- Matt

No word on why yet. Hoping it’s just the flu. He skipped the skate today and Abdelkader took his place on the second line.

And Jimmy’s not ready:

Helene St. James confirms. @BrianHedger notes he took “starting reps” today, so he’s just about ready.

Zetterberg Ejected

Update (11:23 PM): Zetterberg admits the application of the rule was correct. Meanwhile, the Blue Jackets, refreshingly, don’t go ballistic over it. - Matt

For this.

Ugly collision with the boards, but not malicious intent on Z’s part. Still, probably a deserved punishment. He didn’t help Nikitin out at all putting that pressure on his lower back.

As George points out at the link, the League will look at it. But given his history (Wyshynski notes this was his first-ever major and ejection), any further discipline should be unlikely.

Nyquist Recalled

Update (4:29 PM): And Khan reports Tomas Holmstrom’s been placed on STIR to make room for Nyquist. He joins Chris Conner and Patrick Eaves there. Nyquist is the Wings’ 13th 12th healthy forward. - Matt

Update (4:06 PM): Zuidema now has a full write-up with quotes from Nyquist here. - Matt

Update (4:01 PM): Mixed news via Khan: it’s Helm. But at least it’s not Z, I guess. And it’s not a major injury. - Matt

Update (3:33 PM): Ansar Khan confirms the recall move here, and suggests it could be that someone’s “a little banged up.” His guess? Zetterberg.

Great. - Matt

So says the Grand Rapids Press‘ Michael Zuidema.

Presumably that means Joakim Andersson is headed back to the Griffins.

Unless it means there’s a surprise injury. But there’s no obvious evidence that’s the case. Clark Rasmussen points out Babcock’s comments about the lineup today could indicate that is what happened, though.

My guess is it’s a simple matter of wanting to get another look at Gustav. They don’t have the same need for Andersson’s size against the Hawks that they had did against the Blues.

Nyquist will get just his second NHL game tomorrow night.