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Hockeytown Lives

For those of you who think Detroit is no longer Hockeytown because the Joe is not packed out any more, I give you this: Brazilian Wings fans. This is not news if you’ve been reading OtW for a few years, as you may remember that we have a history of association with fans from Brazil, though contact has fallen off over the past year or so. For the rest of you, let me introduce you to Humberto Fernandes (Humbertuzzi) and his friends, purveyors of, an online Brazilian hockey magazine.

Humberto and Flávio de Moura are now running Red Wings Brasil, “O Blog oficial dos torcedores brasileiros do Detroit Red Wings (the official blog of the Brazilian fans of the Detroit Red Wings).” It’s a great-looking new site ( they started it in April) and I recommend you check it out, even if you can’t read Portuguese.

Hockeytown is bigger than southeastern Michigan, my friends, and bigger than Michigan as a whole. Anyone who’s been to a Red Wings game in another city knows that fair numbers of their fans show up all over the NHL. A Hockeytown in dispersion, if you will. Don’t measure one of the largest fanbases in hockey by game attendence in Detroit (unless you want to remind yourself of the team’s 11-year/452-game sellout streak) and discount the thousands of us elsewhere.