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Detroit Gunner Update

Sounds like Helm is a maybe for tomorrow. So that’s good news.

My guess is Gustav Nyquist would be the odd man out unless it’s Abdelkader that gets bumped down to fourth. That’d give the fourth line a center and would allow for Cory Emmerton to be taken out of the lineup. If the aim is to ice the best available group, that’d be my route (along with shelving Dan “50%” Cleary).

For your reference, as they skated today:


Anyway, no more football references.

Lineup Updates Via Twitter

Upate (2:00 PM): Khan’s write-up on this stuff is here.

Interesting item therein: Nyquist is headed back to GR if one of Helm or Holmstrom is healthy Sunday. I guess Conner > Nyquist, which is disappointing as much as I like Conner. I want to see Nyquist a bit more. - Matt

Not due to anything Commodore did or didn’t do, but Babcock living up to his word. It’s Kindl’s chance to differentiate himself from Commie, which honestly shouldn’t be that hard given his supposed talent level.

So at least one more game, maybe two, of Nyquist in the Red-and-White.

Nyquist Recalled

Update (4:29 PM): And Khan reports Tomas Holmstrom’s been placed on STIR to make room for Nyquist. He joins Chris Conner and Patrick Eaves there. Nyquist is the Wings’ 13th 12th healthy forward. - Matt

Update (4:06 PM): Zuidema now has a full write-up with quotes from Nyquist here. - Matt

Update (4:01 PM): Mixed news via Khan: it’s Helm. But at least it’s not Z, I guess. And it’s not a major injury. - Matt

Update (3:33 PM): Ansar Khan confirms the recall move here, and suggests it could be that someone’s “a little banged up.” His guess? Zetterberg.

Great. - Matt

So says the Grand Rapids Press‘ Michael Zuidema.

Presumably that means Joakim Andersson is headed back to the Griffins.

Unless it means there’s a surprise injury. But there’s no obvious evidence that’s the case. Clark Rasmussen points out Babcock’s comments about the lineup today could indicate that is what happened, though.

My guess is it’s a simple matter of wanting to get another look at Gustav. They don’t have the same need for Andersson’s size against the Hawks that they had did against the Blues.

Nyquist will get just his second NHL game tomorrow night.

Dreger: Helm Snags Two Years, $1.825 Million


Helm 2 year ext with Det. $825,000 and $1 mil.

That’s a cap hit of $.9125 million. Not bad. That leaves $1,612,122 or so for Abdelkader; you can see how it might set the bar for that signing. Getting a veteran defenseman will be tough with these numbers, though, even if they do move Meech.

Two more years of Helm at that rate is reasonable. It would have been cool to see 3-4+ out of him, but this is a good deal.