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Abdelkader Skates with Hossa, Datsyuk

Ansar Khan reports that Abdelkader has moved up the roster, in practice at least, as a response to Holmstrom’s struggles thus far in the playoffs. For the same reason, Babcock indicated Cleary might get on the power play. Cleary’s had a heck of a playoff, and could contribute there, that’s for sure.

A point of interest: Leino rotated in on the Hossa/Datsyuk/Abdelkader line. Doesn’t mean he’ll play, but it does provide an insight into where he might if he ever does get in.

Khan also has an update on Lilja.

And, judging from participation in the skate, it looks like the Wings may have escaped the second round without any significant injuries.

Cleary Skips Practice, Draper Skates With Second Line

Update (1:59 PM): Ansar Khan has a little more on Draper. – Matt

Update (1:39 PM): MacLeod has updated his post to say that Cleary is in tomorrow, while Draper is still out with that mysterious upper body injury. Apparently Cleary was held out of practice as something of a precautionary measure.

I’d really like to know what’s going on with Draper. Such a strange situation. – Matt

Bruce MacLeod reports that Dan Cleary didn’t skate today, but has no information on why. Given the beating Cleary’s taken so far in this series, it’s not that surprising he’d skip out. MacLeod promises to update later.

Apparently, Kris Draper skated in Cleary’s place on the Zetterberg line. That would seem to indicate Draper is out tomorrow, since he’d probably be skating on the fourth line if he were going to play in place of Kirk Maltby or Darren Helm. If Cleary can’t go and Draper is going to return as a result, it’s highly unlikely he’d do it as part of the second line. More likely, the units would get shuffled.

So my guess is Cleary’s in, and Draper’s still out.

4/15 Lineup Update

Update (1:14 PM): Helene St. James does address the question with this line: “Leino will go back to Grand Rapids.” Her assumption seems to be that Cleary is definitely in (no Khanian “if”), which leaves no reason for Leino to stick around once Cleary’s status is re-confirmed prior to the game. – Matt

Update (1:05 PM): Bruce MacLeod confirms Cleary’s status, and provides the likely lines, here. He doesn’t address the Leino question, though. – Matt

Update (1:00 PM): So much for my claim of “doubtful:” Ansar Khan says Cleary is expected to play tomorrow, after all. He has it from both Cleary and Babcock. Leino is still with the team, though, apparently in case Cleary has some kind of relapse.

Khan claims the plan is to return Leino to the Griffins if Cleary is set to play in Game 1, but given that Babcock was given authority to dictate call-ups, it may turn out that he won’t let Leino go now that he has him in Detroit. – Matt

Bruce MacLeod reports that Dan Cleary “isn’t” (or wasn’t, by now) on the ice for the morning skate today. That ought to put his status for the opener pretty deep in the “doubtful” category.

He also notes that Kris Draper was on the ice, and taking part in drills. That’s not all that surprising given that his is an upper body injury (Cleary’s could be lower body). He’s still out for tomorrow and Saturday, however. His injury can’t be all that serious, and that makes me wonder why Babcock doesn’t let him play through it.

Ville Leino skated with Valtteri Filppula and Jiri Hudler, which should make that third line a lot for the Jackets to handle, as John pointed out in the comments, if it carries through to Game 1.

To help fill in for Ville in Grand Rapids, “Hat Trick” Dick Axelsson was flown in from Sweden for an amateur tryout. My wife has more on that here. (Edit: We crossed posts, so I’m cutting my comments on Axelsson.)

Dan Cleary Leaves Calgary Game (Updated)

Update (8:18 PM): Cleary’s back on the ice, seemingly okay. – Matt

Update (8:14 PM): The FSN crew just said Cleary is expected to return.  – Matt

Dan Cleary left tonight’s game at the 10:52 mark with what looks like an ankle or knee injury. He went down after Dion Phaneuf checked him into the endboards, taking a 5:00 boarding major and setting off a chain of scrums in the process. He had to be helped off the ice and didn’t put any weight on his right leg.

It’s been a wild game so far, with the Wings outshooting the Flames 28-4 (22 on the power play) at the end of the first, but leading only 2-1.

More on Cleary when news comes. If he’s out for the rest of the game, I assume Holmstrom will get promoted.

4/10 Links

Update (6:42 PM): This a must-read for bloggers as well as journalists. It’s Deadspin so it’s got elements of NSFW-ness, but it has a message I think both sides of the debate over “New Media” need to hear.

This piece by Daryl Shilling, a former contributor here at OtW, is similar in philosophy.  – Matt

Update (6:01 PM): Slapshot has a great piece on the special hockey fervor in Montreal this season. – Matt

Update (5:24 PM): This is just a great piece of writing. – Matt

Update (4:29 PM): The guys at Orland Kurtenblog look at the “NHL Experts Picks” for the Wings/Predators series. – Matt

Update (4:18 PM): Heh. (via A2Y) – Matt

Update (4:16 PM): Steph has a preview of the Wings/Predators series posted. – Matt

Update (3:15 PM): This is great. For the background, read this and this. Kevin Schultz has a good response. – Matt

Update (1:25 PM): IwoCPO presents the keys to the Wings/Predators series. – Matt

James Mirtle reacts to the first night of the playoffs.

… HockeyTownTodd comments on the Wings/Predators series as only he can.

… Rangers fans made a good showing as their team opened the playoffs across the river in New Jersey.

… The Flames beat the Sharks in Game 1. I’ll be honest. I didn’t see that one coming.

… This one, however, came as no surprise: Pittsburgh 4, Ottawa 0.

Ansar Khan says the Wings aren’t looking past the first round. They’re also ready for the physical challenge of the post-season.

… This year’s under-the-rader player, Johan Franzen, is the subject of a Khan profile.

Bruce MacLeod has a piece on the Wings’ big three net front players: Franzen, Dan Cleary, and Tomas Holmstrom.

… The Forechecker gives Predators fans reason to believe.