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Read of the Day

A little slow on Wings news today, so read Tyler Dellow’s expose on Colin Campbell, if you somehow haven’t already. It’s been  getting a ton of traffic, so it may be down when you try. Keep at it.

Only way this means anything for Soupy is if the MSM decides to pick up on it. Otherwise, our cries of outrage won’t penetrate the soundproofing the League installed at the offices in NYC.

Ron MacLean and Colin Campbell on rule changes

From the After Forty segment of Game 4. Worth watching, even though CBC doesn’t have the rights to play the clips that are being discussed. Ron MacLean makes some good points about the rule changes and I have to say I find it somewhat frightening that Colin Campbell, not just some random puckhead but a person of real power in the League, thinks the way he does. Link opens Real Player. Tom Benjamin has more here.