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Wings Finally Finalize Deals With Abdelkader, Colaiacovo

Update (10:56 AM): Khan has the cap hit for Abdelkader at $1.8 million and has the payout breakdown, too. – Matt

Per team releases, the Wings have finally signed Justin Abdelkdader and Carlo Colaiacovo.

Justin gets four years and maybe $1.7 million a season, and Carlo gets two years and $5 million total.

I’m not totally sure I would have given Abdelkader four years, or that salary. But maybe he’ll up his game to match it.

As for Colaiacovo, it’s far from exciting, even if he turns out to be better than expected. We’ll see just how much he shores up the defense, I guess.

I am concerned what this means for Jakub Kindl. He’s gotten off to a disappointingly slow start to his NHL career, but you see some flashes of promise here and there. But this makes him the 7th defenseman, essentially, because you know Brendan Smith won’t be last on the depth chart no matter what. As I suggested the other day, Colaiacovo is Kindl’s new Commodore. Beat him out, Jakub.

Still Waiting on Carlo

Update (9:09 PM): Pleiness has his write-up posted now. – Matt

Update (9:01 PM): Helene St. James confirms the Wings and Colaiacovo are talking. Ken Holland told her he hopes they’ll reach an agreement before the CBA expires.

If they land Carlo, Jakub Kindl will have to try to do better against him than he did against Commodore last year or he’ll be The New (More Talented) Meech. – Matt

Chuck Pleiness has been working the phones after Andy Strickland reported the Wings signed Carlo Colaiacovo to a two-year, $5 million deal.

His findings? No deal, yet.

Exciting, eh?

What’s the Hold-Up, Carlo?

Oh, yeah, it’s that you want 3 years. Chuck Pleiness (snarkily?) points out young Colaiacovo hasn’t played more than 67 games in a season, due to injury. Apparently, the Wings offered him one year at the start, which makes sense. You don’t want to commit too hard to a guy who hasn’t shown he can hack a full season yet.

But Carlo is banking that we’re past the point where the Wings can ask guys to prove themselves before rewarding them with a longer deal. The market is that thin.

It’s C-o-l-a-i-a-c-o-v-o

You might want to start practicing: the Wings have offered Carlo Colaiacovo a two year, $5.4 million deal, according to Chuck Pleiness’ source within the organization (Jimmy D?).

Pleiness notes that Colaiacovo has had some injury trouble throughout his career. There’s also the fact that he’s not a big points producer. But he’d be something: an addition to the blueline.

So we wait to see if he accepts.