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It’s Official: Goodbye, Brad Stuart

Update (4:39 PM): The reasonable argument for the Sharks going for Stuart early is here. – Matt

The Wings have traded Brad Stuart to San Jose in exchange for a 2014 conditional pick and the rights to Andrew Murray, according to a team press release.

That Stuart’s gone is not surprising. That the Sharks would bother making a trade is. I doubt there was very much risk at all that he wasn’t going to sign there on July 1st, at which point they could have gotten him for nothing*. I guess they’re antsy about getting going on the negotiations, as they’ll have exclusive rights through the end of the month.

Meanwhile, the Wings get to talk with Andrew Murray, who isn’t exactly the kind of free agency splash so many are pinning Ken Holland’s career legacy on. Interesting.

Anyway, goodbye and thanks for everything, Stuart—really. You became the team’s second-most reliable defenseman for a while there and while you fell off toward the end of the season, I’m still going to miss your work ethic. I understand the reasoning behind the career decision that caused this move and I have to say I admire you for putting family first at the end of the day.

Don’t sign in San Jose for too long, though, because you’ll be welcome back if you’re ever freed up from the restraints that are taking you back here.

*Update: Yes, there was a small risk he would sign with one of the other two Californian teams. However, San Jose is not just around the corner from either LA or Anaheim and if the goal is to be back with his family, San Jose is by far the best option and that’s going to weigh heavily in the negotiations with the Sharks. If his family were in the LA/Anaheim area, however, then getting a jump on negotiations with him would have made sense.

Another Stuart Post

He fell on it pretty hard during the Stewart mugging, but maybe that’s not it. Must be one of those adrenaline things, because he didn’t look slowed down by any kind of knee injury last night.

On Brad Stuart & Family

Update (1:07 PM): Great point by James via comment:

Isn’t entirely possible that it’s not the result of his family not wanting to move to be with him in Michigan, but that the custody situation surrounding his stepdaughter does not allow the family to move out of state? It’s possible that his wife would lose all custody if she moved out of state, as that is very common.

I’m just speculating, I don’t know the details, but just thought I would share a possible point of view. And if this is the case, that makes it all the more difficult until the stepdaughter turns 18.

Given that she’s in high school already, that date may not be that far off. Who knows. – Matt

Ansar Khan writes today on the question facing Brad Stuart this season: whether or not to re-sign with the Wings. The issue, as we know, is family. Stuart’s wife and kids remain in California, as they have since he arrived in Detroit in 2008:

…  his wife and kids, two young sons and a stepdaughter in high school, live in San Jose, and that is where they must stay.

The concern of Brad and his wife here is probably that of not wanting to disrupt the lives of their kids. They’ve already had a pretty hefty kind of disruption by splitting the family up as long as they have, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Brad opts not to re-sign. That he signed with the team once already, after his traded contract expired, isn’t necessarily an indication of where he’ll land this time. Maybe at the time, he envisioned a different outcome for the location of his family.

But if the Stuarts have held off moving to Michigan for the sake of the kids, it seems to me the next logical step would be to get Brad back out West once his contractual obligations here are up.

As a Wings fan invested in the future success of this team, I hope I’m wrong. I consider Stuart to be the most steady defenseman on the team after Nick Lidstrom and losing him would be a major blow to the blueline. But as I count down the months to the birth of our first child, I won’t be able to sit here as a father and be upset with him if moving on due to family considerations is his choice.

If Stuart and his family can find a way for him to stay in Detroit and make it work for them, awesome. Otherwise, there are more important things in life.

Stuart Has Surgery After All

So reports Khan, who claims the surgery will not set back the timeline of 6-8 weeks at all, which is fortunate. Stuart had two plates inserted to stabilize the jaw, plates I assume will have to be taken out eventually.

Remember, this was deemed necessary at first, then it wasn’t, and… then it was.

Meanwhile, Tom Kostopoulos will serve the second game of his suspension tonight as the Flames faceoff against the Senators. I wonder if he’ll hear the news about Stuart and consider how stupid he was to cause a man to need metal implanted inside his face.

Probably not.

Kostopoulos Suspended 6 Games

Seems about right to me and it would be even if Stuart weren’t injured so badly. It’s the act that needs to be punished , not the result, but if the NHL needs to factor in the result to get it right, whatever.

Not that this makes Stuart feel any better.