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The McCrimmon Tribute

The Flames did a wonderful job with their ceremony honoring Brad McCrimmon last night. If you missed it or want to watch again, the headline link points to the tribute video. If you’d like to see the on-ice ceremony first, head here.

KHL’s Lokomotiv Charter Plane Crash

Update (5:32 PM): The official blog has transcripts and video from Mike Babcock and Nick Lidstrom’s reactions to the news today. - Matt

Update (13:23 PM): @Detroit4lyfe thought to keep an eye on the list of victims of the crash and noticed Salei is now included. This whole thing is terrible and incomprehensible, but finally having it that the destruction from the crash is so complete is devastating. Ugh.

Again, thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims of this tragedy. What an awful day. - Matt

Update (1:09 PM): The latest on Salei is that the list of the dead does not include him yet, though authorities are still looking for six bodies in the wreckage, having recovered 36. (The most up to date number of passengers is 44.)

So there’s still some hope that Salei wasn’t there, but that no one’s apparently heard from him yet is not a promising sign. - Matt

Update (11:39 AM): Aftonbladet’s main headline confirms Stefan Liv was among the victims. - Matt

Update (11:18 AM): Wyshsynski relays from Russia Today that Brad McCrimmon is confirmed among the dead. Expected, but no less horrible news. Thoughts and prayers to Brad’s family, as well as those of the other victims.

This Belarussian news outlet says Salei was on the passenger manifest, though not officially among the list of victims yet. That’s not much room for hope, though. - Matt

Update (10:51 AM): A writer for Russia’s Sport-Express now says Belarussian news agencies are reporting Salei was on the plane. Horrible. If you remember, he and his wife just had a baby. This is an awful day. - Matt

Update (10:26 AM): Well, possible good news: Ruslan Salei may not have been on the plane. This guy’s saying it’s for sure, but the story he links to says “unconfirmed” when translated by Google. Here’s hoping it’s true, though.

Meanwhile, the count is up to 42 passengers and two reported survivors (one player, one crew member). – Matt

Update (9:54 AM): Confirmation I’ve been dreading:

Lokomotiv official tells Sovetsky Sport “everyone from the main roster was on the plane + 4 players from the youth team.”

- Matt

Horrible news out of Russia this morning as a plane carrying the KHL’s Locomotiv team crashed with 37 on board. Reports say 36 are confirmed dead, with one (crew member) survivor in critical condition. Note that Brad McCrimmon was the team’s head coach, and the roster included Ruslan Salei. Still some measure of murkiness around the incident, but it’s likely both men were on the plane. Former Red Wings goaltending prospect Stefan Liv was also on the team.

Puck Daddy may be your best English-language source for news on this (apart from Twitter), as their Dmitry Chesnokov (@dchesnokov) is passing along updates. Better yet, just go to his Twitter profile page and keep hitting the refresh bar that shows up.

Thoughts and prayers to the families of the passengers as the hockey world absorbs another blow. What a horrible summer.

Good News, Bad News

Checking in a week later, briefly:

First, the good news: Brad McCrimmon’s out (via). Dreger’s report was confirmed by a Wings press release I got today. So that’s good. I assume no tears will be shed in the ‘base over that decision.

Now the bad news: Ilari Filppula’s gone. That really bums me out. Ilari was a great player for the Griffins and could have been a solid bit player in Detroit eventually.

Anyway, that’s it for now. It’s going to be an interesting off-season and if I can get over some writer’s block, I’ll tell you what I think about one element of it. Also, the promised season retrospective will come in one form or another at some point.