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Quick Update

In case you missed it, Brad May was waived earlier today, so that’s done. May has some time to think about whether he’ll retire or report to Grand Rapids.

As for the LTIR part of the  earlier report, it looks like guesses of Kronwall or Eaves are both wrong. Turns out the Wings, now that they’re getting healthy finally, may take the opportunity to do something they’ve had to put off for months: put Kirk Maltby on the LTIR while he has surgery to repair a shoulder issue that’s bugged him since June. Doing so would clear up the cap space needed to activate Lilja (if only just).

It’s an interesting scenario, for sure. Malts has to choose one way or the other and you have to bet the Wings are seriously hoping he’ll pick surgery. If he does, who knows when, if ever, he’ll be back in the Red-and-White? I don’t envy Kirk this decision. With Lilja back in Detroit tonight (he won’t play another game for the Griffins) and the doctors’ decision on his status needed as soon as possible (no waiting until after the Olympics), Maltby doesn’t have a ton of time.

It’s a shame because he’s been playing some really good hockey this season in spite of this shoulder thing.

Anyway, Meg and I are Up North this weekend, so no preview or review of the game tomorrow. No cable means no watching the Wings face down the super hot Senators. Oh well. Should be back to posting Monday, probably with Olympic status updates. Have a good weekend!

May to be waived, Kronwall/Eaves to LTIR?

Update (12:30 PM): So, I checked the CBA and it says a player on LTIR has to be out for 24 days and 10 regular seaason games, which throws my little “don’t worry, he could be back after the real deadline” bit out the window. Everybody panic!

Except Ansar Khan reports Nik was on the ice today. So, maybe Eaves is the guy and maybe May’s not the only guy being moved. McKenzie may not have had the full picture. - Matt

Bob McKenzie reported on Twitter that May’s expected to be waived today. No surprise there. The surprising part of the tweet, though, was the news that the Wings are expected to put someone on the LTIR to clear up room to activate Lilja.

It’s easy to leap to the conclusion that it’s Nik Kronwall, but it’s possible Patrick Eaves will be having an extended recovery period. Thanks to John W. for reminding me of that.

Whoever it is will have to either sit out the remainder of the season or until another move is made at a later date. It’s possible Kenny couldn’t wrangle a deal in time before this pre-deadline deadline. It’s possible he could swing a deal by March 3, however, so even if it is Kronwall, it’s not reason to get overly concerned just yet. He might not be done for the season, just out long enough to legitimize LTIR status.

Obviously, a situation involving anyone going on the LTIR sucks all around, but I don’t think anyone would disagree losing Kronwall for any further period of time would be awful for this team. Losing  Eaves would also be bad, given his work ethic and commitment to sacrifice, but they can afford to do without him for a bit. They can’t do without Kronwall, at least not well.

For what it’s worth, last night there was a brief clip of Kronwall walking away from Fil and Franzen and he had no visible limp. I’m hoping George is right and that the team is just giving him the time he needs to get fully healthy for the Olympics.

On the other hand, May and Eaves aren’t enough to clear up the cap. So… I may just be grasping at straws here.

Cap Talk

Update (8:17 PM): Just realized I left a hole in this post: if Lilja can’t make it back in a meaningful way, the Wings will only be about $650,000 over the cap, which means Leino’s the most likely odd-man out. The question becomes much, much easier in that case.

Easy’s good, but I can’t hope for that. I want Lilja to get back to hockey. Weber’s fists can’t be the way he goes out. - Matt

So, according to Ken Daniels last night, the Wings will be about $1.9 million over the cap assuming everyone comes back with no further injuries to anyone else.

That may be a big assumption on Lilja’s part, as he still has to prove he can take the daily grind of being a hockey player again. The projected conditioning stint in Grand Rapids is going to be hugely important and the Wings are going to have to make a decision based on a scant two weeks. Not a whole lot to go on.

Just for fun, let’s assume Lilja’s going to be healthy and everyone else is going to come back. No more injuries. Isn’t that a fun fantasy?

The Wings need to ship off some cap space, either through waivers or a trade. And I tend to agree with Daniels’ analysis that they won’t be looking to move defensemen. You can’t have too much depth at D and the guys everyone talks about, Lebda and Meech, are dirt cheap. That means two things: their movement won’t mean much and they’re a steal.

And we have a couple guys in Drew Miller and Patrick Eaves that no one wants to see shafted. So we’re looking at forwards, but, I hope, not those two.

May’s a given, I would think. But he’s only pulling in $481,865. More guys have to go. Some possibilities:

Scenario A:

May ($481,865) + Maltby ($883,333) + Leino ($800,000) = $2,165,198. (Roster: 22)

This one bothers me. I don’t care about May and Leino, who have been busts by just about any definition. Leino’s upside would normally make dumping him tough, but he’s shown so little promise in delivering that upside that I’m not attached to him in any way. I like May on a personal level and thing he’s great in front of a camera with a mic in his face. But other than that, he’s dead weight on this team. So no problems there.

It’s, predictably, the Maltby part of the equation that gets me. Maltby is a shadow of his former self. He’s no longer so integral on the PK and is nowhere near the SHed threat he once was. He’s a fourth liner at best these days. But he’s Kirk Maltby and he’s put in years of service for an organization that values that above little else. I would hate to see his career ended on anyone’s terms but his. And it should end with him as a Red Wing.

The math may work here, but if that’s not bad math, I don’t know what is. I know this is a business, but I don’t want to see the Wings become the Tigers and make decisions like that with so little regard for loyalty and character. They’ve painstakingly built a reputation as a team that takes care of its people. I think they value that reputation quite highly, given the return on investment they’ve seen, so I’d be fairly shocked if they unceremoniously dumped Maltby off.

On a tangently-related sidenote, some of my attitude over the Osgood/Howard situation comes from being surprised an organization with such a reputation of even-handedness in the veteran-to-new-guy transition has been so heavy-handed in this scenario. Anyway. Update: By the way, I’m not trying to start another Osgood/Howard debate here. My focus is the cap situation. Unfortunate toss-away comment on my part. - Matt

Scenario B:

May ($481,865) + Jason Williams ($1.5 million) = $1,981,465 (Roster: 23)

This would slide the Wings in just under the cap, presumably. And at first glance, isn’t likely. Williams is meant to be a top six guy on this team, you say. True. But they went without him for nearly half a season. You might respond that the Wings didn’t exactly tear it up in his absence, so maybe they need him. I’d say I doubt the absence of Jason Williams is the reason the Wings haven’t done better this season.

Think about it: which of the injuries was the biggest, accounting for talent and length (so, not Zetterberg)? Franzen, followed closely by Kronwall. So maybe the Wings win a few more games with Williams around, but I wouldn’t call him critical like those two. Maybe it’s highly unlikely, but this scenario has the benefit of the Wings already seeing how they might do without one of the guys. Not very well, you’d think, until you remember Franzen and Kronwall are back in the picture.

Maybe I like this scenario because I’m not a Williams fan. And maybe I like it because they’ve already traded him in the past. They may just do it again.

Scenario C:

May ($481,865) + Leino ($800,000) + Lebda ($650,000) = $1,931,865 (roster: 22)

I’m sure this is one a lot of people could get behind. Not my wife, who’s a big Lebda supporter, but all of his detractors. This one may be the most likely, which is unfortunate for those of us (Megan and I, and some others) who believe Lebda can be a strong third pairing guy given the right partner (i.e. not a rookie). I think Daniels is right and that the Wings will try not to move a defenseman, but if they are, Lebda’s salary may make bring him forward in Holland’s mind.

Scenario D:

May ($481,865) + Leino ($800,000) + Eaves ($500,000) + Miller ($413,472) = $2,195,337 (Roster: 21)

Yeah, this one’s a mixed bag, eh? Two players we’d love to be rid of and two players we’ve all grown attached to over the course of this screwball season. Two guys who’ve been bright spots through the crap. I hate this option. As I’ve already said, I want to be talking about Helm and Eaves for years to come. And Miller has really shown himself to be a great combination of incredible work ethic and surprising hand-eye coordination that has serious potential for some big goals over a career here. I really don’t want to see either of them traded or waived. Someone would claim them on the wire.

Scenario E:

May ($481,865) + Leino ($800,000) + Meech ($483,333) + Miller ($413,472) = $2,178,670 (Roster: 21)

If, as I hope, Holland finds Eaves too valuable, here’s a possibility. Of the two, Miller’s likely more expendable. And if Holland decides Lebda worth of sticking around, Meech could get the nod. I’ve felt for a while that Meech is a bit of a deadman in the organization as his development’s seemingly been mothballed and he’s been relegated to spare part status when he could have been a Quincey-level player. But he does come at a bargain-basement price and that makes him a handy asset to have.

Scenario X:

Chances are, Holland’s going to figure something out no one else thought of. That’s how he works. So in some days, this is a pointless exercise. But it’s definitely an interesting one.

Of course, it may turn out that Lilja’s can’t make it work.

What do you think?

(numbers via CapGeek).

May Out, Eaves In, Kronwall Close

Ansar Khan reports that Brad May is day-to-day with a lower body injury, which likely means he’s out tomorrow night.He suffered the injury last night during the Wings’ 4-2 win over Colorado (which we missed because we were watching the Griffins lose to Hamilton).

Fortunately, the May injury doesn’t make the Wings short a forward as Patrick Eaves is apparently over the flu and ready to go in Phoenix.

The May injury does, however, mean Ritola will remain with the team for the time being. With Cleary and Zetterberg close, though, he shouldn’t be around much longer.

Khan also has some good news: Kronwall’s also close to a return. He’s looking at a Monday return to the ice and a possible January 9th or 12th return to the lineup. This is a player’s estimate, so it may be a little later than that, but the fact that we’re talking dates now is pretty cool.

Flu Bug Strikes

Rafalski and Kronwall missed practice with the run-of-the-mill flu today, but Babcock claims they’ll be ready to go tomorrow. Don’t expect great things from them against Boston, if they’re still feeling the effects of the virus but are well enough to play.

Also, May will miss at least two games with the Williams-induced eye injury he sustained Saturday. He may not have played anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

Osgood will start against Boston. Good move.

Datsyuk out again Saturday, May back in

Ansar Khan reports that the Wings are going to give Datsyuk another game off to recover from the mysterious upper body injury. Apparently, he’s “close,” which is about as vague as it gets.

Brad May will be back in the lineup against Colorado, though, at the expense of Kris Draper or Kirk Maltby, apparently.

Also, Chris Osgood will start, rather than Jimmy Howard, who was previously meant to get either the Kings game or tomorrow’s. The Buffalo fiasco screwed that up.

Helm Nears Comeback, Osgood to Start Again

Ansar Khan has the latest on Darren Helm, who may have avoided a conditioning stint with the Griffins due to AHL scheduling. He feels good to go, but Babcock seems a bit reluctant to just insert him in the Wings’ lineup without some games played .

However, the fact that the Griffins don’t play until Saturday may force Babs’ hand because they want to use him in Detroit  sooner rather than later. Delaying things another two NHL games is too far on the later side. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him suit up tomorrow night against the Sabres.

Osgood, deservedly, will start his third straight. Khan says to expect Howard to start either Thursday or Saturday. Good assumption on his part. Jimmy needs to get back in the saddle and a gap much longer than sometime this week won’t help him do that. But how will his confidence be if he fails to stop the puck against the lowly Avs or Kings?

Also, it looks like May’s going to be more of a lineup mainstay than just about anyone outside the organization thought: the scratches tomorrow night will apparently include two of Maltby, Draper, Eaves or Helm. Given that Maltby rotated in on the top line and was given a charley horse by a helpful Justin Abdelkader in practice, I think his odds of playing are slim.