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12/30 Notes

Update (5:30 PM): Ansar Khan reports that Chris Chelios will not be in the lineup tomorrow night as he is still recovering from a shin injury after a collision in the Minnesota game on Wednesday.Apparently, he could be back Tuesday night against Anaheim (Steve Yzerman Retirement Night).

Khan also says Mikael Samuelsson will in fact return from his groin injury tomorrow night against the Kings. - Matt

… I just finished reading Blood Feud: Detroit Red Wings v. Colorado Avalanche: The Inside Story of Pro Sports’ Nastiest and Best Rivalry of Its Era by Adrian Dater, a sports writer for the Denver Post.It was a quick read for a 264-page book and definitely more balanced than you might expect. Dater’s familiarity with the Colorado end of the story means there is a little disparity between the Avs’ side and that of the Wings, but it’s understandable, given who he’s worked for (the Post) and with (the Avs players) for over a decade. In the end, you get as good a picture of things as you’re likely to, unless a Detroit writer publishes something.

You might be surprised by some of the inside details he provides, such as the relationship between such players as Claude Lemieux and Brendan Shanahan or Mathieu Schneider and Patrick Roy.

At times, though, it reads like a very long piece for the paper, rather than a book. His lengthy bio-chapters on Lemieux, Scotty Bowman, Patrick Roy, and Darren McCarty are interesting but are more like breaks from the story of the rivalry, as is his chapter on the evil spectre of sports writer homerism.

To Dater, there don’t seem to be any villains in the Wings/Avs rivalry. His perspective as a sports writer definitely affects his perception of the men he worked with on a daily basis, usually in contradiction with images we fans have built of certain players. Even some of the biggest “Enemies of Hockeytown” such as Lemieux, Marc Crawford, and Patrick Roy (though to a lesser extent – he’s still pompous, even to Dater) are just “nice guys” whose on-ice personalities in no way reflect their real character. It was definitely a shock to my worldview to read about Claude Lemieux, humanitarian, etc. Dater insider’s look at the Wings may also jar some perceptions about certain Heroes in the rivalry.

Anyway, it’s definitely worth a read, if you have the time. Christy has a review, with some quotes from the book, here. Get it at Amazon here.

The Freep reports that Mikael Samuelsson is apparently expected to make his return to the ice tomorrow night against the Kings. Josh Langfeld was sent back to Grand Rapids yesterday and unless the team calls someone else up, they’ll be short a forward if Sammy isn’t ready.

The News says the Wings “are hoping” Chris Chelios will be ready to return tomorrow.