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Guerin to San Jose

Update (Matt, 1:55 PM): Hockey’s Future’s recent Sharks NCAA prospects update has a small profile on Barriball, who sounds like a pretty good prospect, though young and inexperienced. Still, I think the Sharks got off a lot easier than the Wings would have had they been intent on getting the Blues to give Guerin up to them. – Matt

Update (1:25PM): Sportsnet reports that the Blues apparently got more than we thought from San Jose. On top of a prospect and a draft pick, the Blues got Ville Niemenen. That may very well have been the difference between San Jose’s offer and Detroit’s — Ken Holland is not willing to give up another roster player. The prospect the Sharks gave up was Jay Barriball, their 7th round pick (203rd overall) in the 2006 entry draft. – Megan

Update (12:29PM): Now that I think of it, the the Blues probably didn’t want to deal Guerin to a divisional rival (as Bill has been reminding us since yesterday) unless the compensation was just too good to pass up. I doubt the Wings would have been willing to give much more than San Jose did and San Jose had the advantage of being a time zone away. – Sarah

Looks like you can scratch Guerin off the list of potential trades for the Wings.

TSN is reporting that Bill Guerin has been traded to the San Jose Sharks. Details are scarce at the moment. Reportedly, San Jose gave up a first round pick and a non-roster player.

If that’s true, it doesn’t seem like the price should have been too high for the Wings (who seem to deal picks without a second thought), but perhaps the Blues were demanding a top prospect whom the Wings braintrust was unwilling to part with.

Bill Guerin beats Predators

This was the only goal of the game in the Blues’ shutout of Nashville last night.

I have to say that I’m a bit more interested in Guerin after seeing that replay. He’s not making it any easier for the Wings to pursue him, though, by scoring goals like that. His price is rising fast.

By the way, he inexplicably reminds me of Staff Sergeant Martin from Band of Brothers. They don’t really look alike at all, do they? (via. St. Louis Game Time)