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Lilja Lands an NHL Job

This is yesterday’s news, but I didn’t get to it until now and need to close the loop on the Lilja storyline. The terms of the deal with Anaheim demonstrate that it wasn’t about the money with Lilja (though I’m sure he took less than he would have liked thanks to needing a contract to stay in the country). Instead, it was all about the role and that’s what he gets in Anaheim, where they really need defensemen. He at least shouldn’t be relegated to the 6th slot.

Also: pretty crazy how Salei played a role in this.

Lilja Turns to San Jose

Chris Hollis has it from Lilja’s agent. I guess the whole not wanting to uproot his family thing was unrealistic anyway, since he had about a .01% of chance snagging a spot in Detroit due to a freak camp/pre-season injury (say to Kronwall or Stuart).

It’ll be interesting to see if he can earn a contract with the Sharks. It goes without saying that he has a better chance of doing so being at their camp than he would have being at the Wings’, so he had to accept the invitation. I wonder if it was the only other non-Wings invite he received.

It’s just too bad he didn’t go East. Good luck, Lils.

Pleiness: Lilja Not on the Bus to TC

Chuck Pleiness was the only beat writer on top of the Lilja story this morning, it seems. He reports that Lilja was not on the bus that was scheduled to leave at 8:00 this morning to head to Traverse City.

That’s unfortunate, though it doesn’t mean Lilja has officially ruled out heading Up North, as he could very well drive himself. The final word on the matter could come later today, or tomorrow morning when the players in TC undergo physicals before heading out to play golf.

(via @mserven’s @RedWingsFeed)

Holland: Lilja Has Training Camp Invite

Update (2:14 PM): Okay, so there is more. - Matt


Summing up chat w/Ken Holland in 140: Babcock extension coming; Lilja has standing tryout invite; Wants to expand prospect tourney to 12.

Maybe that’s been reported elsewhere today (I’ve been in meetings all day; haven’t been able to read more than this tweet and a couple Lilja-related headlines), but it’s news to me. I’m really glad to hear it. I hope Lilja gets some sense and accepts the invitation, since he could make a case for himself to other teams he otherwise could not make if he stayed home. It got Brent Sopel a job with Chicago and could get him a job elsewhere, too.

Take it, Lils.

(Depressing) Quote of the Day

Update (3:38 PM): I will say Lils could have taken the tact of signing a short deal in Detroit to shore up the case for himself, since the rest of the NHL doesn’t have the best sense of how durable he is post-concussion. But even there, I can’t blame him. These are not easy decisions. - Matt

“Of course, I regret it (not signing with Detroit). Now that we got here yesterday, got into my house — we’ve been here five years, it feels like home. The kids like it here. I think I was looking for something else, I guess.’’

— Andreas Lilja, via Khan.

I was a big fan of the idea of bringing Lilja back, so it’s a little depressing to see where the guy is today.

It’s easy to blame him for not taking the Wings’ $1 million offer, but I don’t think it was the money. The guy wanted a bigger role, and believed he could hold one down. I can’t blame him for that. If it was the money, then, yeah, that’s annoying. But believing he has more to offer a team? Can’t hold that against him. But the Wings just couldn’t offer him more than fifth defenseman.

And now he’s nobody’s any number defenseman.

On Maltby, Lilja, & Modano Offer Specifics

How weird is it that Maltby’s looking for deals on the open market? I don’t blame him: if he wants to play in the NHL again, that’s pretty much his only option. But it’s strange to read after all these years that he has a chance, however slight, of wearing another NHL team’s sweater next year. Though that may be better than seeing him in the AHL. But in all I’d rather he retire, even though being forced out like that would be a crap way to go.

We can thank Brian Burke for that ludicrous (coming from a partial Lebda apologist) contract he gave the Wings’ former #6 defenseman. Because their former #5 is looking for $1.5+ million. If his concussion history keeps him from getting that kind of money, maybe (just maybe—numbers are tight) we’ll see him back, but I tend to think someone will pull him in before his asking price falls to $1 million or lower.

Khan’s got a very specific number for the Modano offer: $1.25 million. Chart:

Player Cap Hit
Total salary commitments $58,442,045
Partial cap space for signing veteran defenseman $957,955
Roster Spots Used (of 23) 23
(Calculations via CapGeek) (cap hit values in millions)
Darren Helm $.800
Patrick Eaves $.750
Justin Abdelkader $.750
Mike Modano $1.25
Drew Miller $.650
Mattias Ritola $.517

That’s pretty tight and it assumes possibly-low numbers for Helm and Abdelkader (though George thinks they could be even lower). Even when the Wings cast off Miller or Ritola, that’s not much margin at all for injury callups if they get that defenseman. So if The Final Piece finally decides to fall into place, maybe we’ll be seeing an all-youth third pairing rather than a veteran-led one.

I figured I’d help you all sleep at night with that picture.