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On That Goalie Race

It looked like Jonathan Quick and Jimmy Howard weren’t going too hard in their “fastest skater” competition last night. There was a good reason for that.

Glad Jimmy took it easy. It’d be bad enough if he gets injured getting trucked by some opponent crashing the net. Blowing a knee in the Skills Competition would be terrible.

On the All Star Game Draft

That right there is why I wish Datsyuk could have been an assistant to either Chara or Alfredsson. Him that close to a mic for the Draft would have made it so much more entertaining.

But in that case, we wouldn’t have been able to get the little insight into what his peers think of him: first overall pick in a pretty stacked group. Chara did joke he would have gone with Lidstrom first if he’d been there, but still, it’s pretty cool for Pavel. And it did look like Alfredsson was disappointed Chara got Datsyuk, even though he was apparently obligated to select Senators first.

But poor Jimmy—selected last among the goalies. I get him being picked behind Thomas and maybe behind Quick. I might even grant Elliot, given the season he’s having. But his going after Carey Price hurt to watch. Not sure if you can read a peer statement into that the same way you can read into the first overall choice, but it’s interesting. Sorry, “Jim.”

But at least they’re on the same team, so we can pull for Team Chara, eh?

All Star Game Martyrs

So glad the flawless records of Nicklas Lidstrom and Pavel Datsyuk had to be sullied by The Suspension so that the League could soften its stance on All Star Game attendance over time. I guess it’s good that outcries and bad publicity worked? But this is some smelly bull.

This is not two of the League’s elder statesmen quietly declining and being allowed to skip out. This is an able-bodied young face of the League pouting and getting away with it.

Can we get those suspensions expunged from the record, though?

Vote Jimmah 2012 Falls Short

Update (1:22 PM): Andre makes a good point. I’d probably rather he not play, too. But I am annoyed at the ridiculous Senator vote totals. – Matt

Well, at least he has a reasonable chance of being the first goalie picked (assuming he gets added by the League).

Wings fans got him to sixth in goaltender voting as a write-in, which is pretty impressive. That’s the kind of fan ballot stuffing that is laudable in this system. But the bull Sens fans pulled is not. I guess they get a pat on the head for having the organization to do that. Whatever.

I’d like to see the fan balloting farce scrapped altogether and replaced with a THN player poll-style thing: every player votes and can’t select players from their own team. That’d in theory lead to actual all-stars being named starters/first to the team. Make it an informed popularity contest rather than an uninformed or voter-rigged popularity contest.

The Zetterberg Snub Was No Snub

Update (4:22 PM): Garth’s got a much better explanation for Lidstrom’s spot on Team Toews. – Matt

I think a lot of people know this already, but just in case, I want to point out that the fact that Zetterberg isn’t going to the All Start Game isn’t a snub. Apparently, the League asked him if he wanted to go, but he opted out due to bumps and bruises. That the NHL’s letting him stay home is a great thing for the Wings and a good instance of the League doing the right thing (for once). I just wish they’d done this two years ago with Pavel and Nick.

By the way, don’t miss Greg Brady’s tweets on the topic here, here and here (in sequence).

Also, makes you wonder why Lidstrom opted to go, because he’s surely got bumps/bruises and a need for rest, too. Just throwing it out there, but my pessimistic snap judgement is maybe he’s already in a “farewell tour” mindset.