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1/7 Patrick Eaves Update

Update (4:06 PM): Comments from Eaves himself via Khan here. He says he’s not to the point of retirement yet “by any means,” but I start to wonder how soon he might have to be. – Matt

Update (2:35 PM): At least he’s on the ice, though. – Matt

Yeah, that sucks. Eaves got paid through the lockout due to this crap, but I’d bet he’d trade that for the chance to play again.

Anyway, consider this your reminder that the return of hockey means it’s time to be concerned about head injuries again.

Maybe Ian White Should Keep Three-Thirds of His Mouth Shut

“We just want our fair share. We’re the workforce and we’re the product. Maybe we should get two-thirds of the pie. … We just want a fair piece and don’t want to get taken advantage of.”

Ian White, via Ansar Khan. My italics.

White had some platitudes for the fans today, but buried in there was that bit of fun that I hope is not anything like a popular mindset in the union.

Talks are far enough apart as it is without anybody talking about either side “maybe” being entitled to 2/3 of the pie. Yeesh.

Now Franzen Has Back Spasms

Update (4:01 PM): Khan has quotes from Franzen here and here. It doesn’t sound good. – Matt

Update (3:46 PM): More:


No more please. – Matt


Yes, he can be dead weight on his (many) off nights. But another injury is uncool, even if there is (thankfully) another forward coming back.

So please get to the chiropractor or whatever, Johan, and be better by tomorrow night.

QotD: On the Cavalry

“We need to get people back and healthy and we need to get playing good. But instead of waiting for the cavalry, why not play right now?”

— Mike Babcock

And yet, if he were a fan…

More at the headline link.

Bertuzzi Deal Now Official

I am totally fine with this. Bertuzzi’s a good soldier and has been remarkably healthy for a guy with his injury history. Maybe that changes now that he has a deal, but a guy who played 82 and 81 games the previous two seasons is looking pretty solid.

Now just get out of the rut you’re in currently, Todd.

Quote of the Day

“We were always confident it was everyone else that wasn’t confident.”

— Ken Holland

Via, in the context of the Wings’ backup situation prior to the Howard injury. But what a great quote, eh? How many other situations for the Wings could you apply that to? Love it.