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On Sports Bloggers vs. Sports Journalists

Generalized Response Bullets:

  • Sports journalists act as though they are writing about something that matters.
  • They’re not.
  • Government, poverty, the environment, energy, the economy, science, education are just a few actually meaningful topics journalists cover.
  • Sports journalists are paid to cover a game.
  • A sports journalist that complains about bloggers is a person who makes a living in the completely unserious way of writing about a game.
  • A sports journalist that complains about bloggers gets a kick out of mocking their choice to write as an amateur.
  • As if it’s the blogger who is in the ludicrous position of making a living writing about comparatively meaningless events on the alternate, replacement reality of the playing surface.
  • If you’re a journalist who finds it necessary to be commenting on bloggers as if it’s still 2003, maybe you should consider just how lucky you are that you get to do what you do.
  • Most bloggers aren’t gunning for your jobs, but the idea of being paid to cover the team or sport they love is probably mind-blowing to them.
  • So shut up and be grateful.
  • We replacement loser hobbyists will get back to our real lives.