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Wings Still a Draw for Players That Are Both Michigan Natives and Fans, At Least

Graham has the details, such as they are.

I’m being a little sarcastic, but this is pretty neat. Not sure if he’ll actually make the lineup (though the defense is probably that weak), but it’s some positive roster/acquisition news for once.

Also, there’s this:

Ha. Sorry Nashville.

David Backes on Jan Mursak

Not the dirtiest hit you’ll ever see, but this is the kind of crap we’ve come to expect from Backes. Not the kind of thing that necessarily leads to fines and suspensions; just close enough to the line to develop a reputation among people who are not Blues fans.

Well, at least among fans of Central Division teams.

Okay, maybe just Red Wings fans. I can’t speak for the others.

Thanks to @Weallbleedredd (here) and @Muero for posting footage of the hit.

David Backes is Still a Loser

Despite the fact that it was a completely inaccurate call, David Backes is still one of the underrated dirty players in the League. Just ask Jan Mursak.

One thing of note in that replay, though: note in the view from behind Huskins how Backes half leaves his feet and elevates contact. Maybe a failed headshot as much as it was a failed headshot call.

I do think I’d rather see blown calls like this than real head contact go uncalled. The NHL has to get rid of head contact or it will follow football’s long term trajectory. Of course, the NHL isn’t getting it right in either category and ideally they’d always only call real headshots. But this isn’t an ideal world.

As I was reminded last night for having the gall to call David Backes a dirty player (and a donkey):

Jonathon Schad, I’m going to do what I can to ensure this comes up should any future employer run a search on you. Enjoy college.

1/20 Injury Update

Correction (9:31 PM): Per Chuck Pleiness, Ericsson’s injury is from practice, not the game, and Gustavsson’s injury is more of a typical early-season thing for him. – Matt

Ansar Khan has info on injuries from last night that go beyond Jan Mursak’s shoulder: Jonathan Ericsson and Jonas Gustavsson both suffered injuries of their own.

Gustavsson has a sore groin and is out two games. Thomas McCollum has been recalled. I hope that’s simply as a goaltender bench ornament because probably falls short of his potential even in charting faceoffs. Here’s hoping Jimmy doesn’t pull his groin, too.

This kind of thing is bound to happen with the short camp and non-existent pre-season. Another thing to thank the Lockout for.

Meanwhile, Jonny stepped on a puck, fell into the boards and tweaked his shoulder. Can’t blame that on the Lockout; that’s just Jonny. He calls himself questionable for the game tomorrow.

On the plus side, Jakub Kindl declared himself ready to go if necessary, though how true that is of course does not depend on him. The Wings may just have Jonny suck it up.

Khan does have an update on the result of Jan Mursak’s trip into the boards courtesy of David “Hit-In-The” Backes: it could have him out for a few weeks.

That opens up a spot for Patrick Eaves, who hasn’t played since November 2011, which is great for Patrick, but not so much for fans hoping for a Gustav Nyquist or Tomas Tatar recall.

A Wet Blanket

Tom Benjamin throws one on the fire of rejoicing:

2) The season to come will be a joke, and if history is a guide, a not particularly funny joke for the Vancouver Canucks and other Western teams. The compressed schedule will find them flying frantically around North America while only the Eastern Champion might play a game outside their time zone. (my emphasis — ed.)

Uh, yeah, that’s… not going to be fun. Still, it’s better than no season at all, which seemed to be the likely trajectory not long ago. And yeah, it is unfair, but I’m not sure what the alternative would be. Intra-divisional play only wouldn’t solve all travel problems and it doesn’t make sense to have the conferences play each other with such compression.

Tom’s got a couple other worthwhile talking points in there, including a depressing, but realistic, assessment of Gary Bettman’s place going forward.