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More Details on Winter Classic 2013

Update (10:20 AM): The UM regents have approved the lease.

Also, there’s this:

- Matt

Chuck Pleiness is reporting that there will be a Griffins/Marlies game at Comerica as part of the festivities. Sweet. May actually get to that one. Maybe.

Griffins Lose to Americans

Since I didn’t catch the Wings/Blue Jackets game, here are some thoughts on the Griffins/Americans game we attended. It was a 4-3 shootout loss to Rochester.

Smith: He had a huge hit in the first period, running over the Amerk player inside the Rochester blueline. On the power play, he held the role of quarterback and did alright with that

Throughout the game, I tried to keep an eye on his apparent effort level and I’m starting to think he just plays a more leisurely game. Maybe he’s looked at Lidstrom and thinks that leisurely is the path to effortlessness and perfect minimalism of movement, but so far he just looks like he’s coasting at times.

Two other individual Smith highlights: his third period offensive zone penalty that took place below the goalline and his game-losing shootout attempt that got stopped by the Rochester goalie.

Nyquist: Not his best night. Megan says he doesn’t usually look like he did, but as it was, he seemed unalert to the puck offensively and just kinda out of it. I was unimpressed with his offensive game, though defensively he wasn’t bad.

The offensive complaints melted away, though, when he busted out the Zetterberg in the shootout. It was awesome.

Tatar: Tots never disappoints in terms of effort level. The kid’s so much fun to watch, whether he’s stealing the puck out front and setting up a huge solo chance or just taking command in the zone.

He was the lead dude in generating offense all night, and finished with a goal and an assist. They initially credited his goal to Andersson, so when I saw again on the replay how emphatically  he celebrated, I remarked to Megan that he must have gotten it instead. She said it’s not unusual for him to celebrate a teammates goal like that, which is pretty awesome, even if in this case, it was his goal.

One criticism: too many attempted moves in the shootout, Tomas. None of them fooled the goalie.

Conner: He’s fast. But finished -3. He did score in the shootout, though.

Brunnstrom: He doesn’t play his size. The rest of that note on him is “Brunnstrom is variably good/ungood.” That about sums it up.

Callahan: Had a pretty heavy fight with an Amerk in the 2nd. Started out a little slow, but they both got in some serious head and body shots. I found myself more interested in what those fists were doing to brains than in the entertainment factor of the fight.

Lashoff: A fringe prospect at this point, but nonetheless had a strong night, notching a goal and making some strong defensive plays. Most notably, he recovered very nicely when Aubre coughed up the puck to set up a Rochester chance. Lashoff caught up with the guy and stole the puck back to negate it.

MacDonald: That note on Brunnstrom could apply to Joey, too. He looked bad on the first goal allowed and then was overall sharp the rest of the night as far as regular play. In the shootout, he was beaten easily on the first two shots, and made the third save. Then after Brunnstrom put the puck off the pipe, he made the 4th save initially, and then forgot about it. It trickled into the net. To his credit, he made the fifth save, but by then, the game was on Smith’s stick and it didn’t work out.

Thomas: The new kid, the one they got for Amadio, is not Red Wing property, but I’ll mention him for the absolutely, flat out incredibly glorious chance he had in OT, with a wide open net. He put just about a perfect shot on it, but somehow Rocherster goalie David Leggio got across and absolutely robbed him. Ridiculous.

Conner Returned to GR

Must be a playing time move, since the Wings have the roster space even with Tomas Holmstrom and Darren Helm healthy. After he sat out last night (as I predicted *horn toot*), it’s clear he’s back behind Cory Emmerton in the depth chart. No point in keeping him up if he’s just going to sit, especially with Jan Mursak headed back this week to serve as a rotation piece.

Andersson Returned to Grand Rapids, Conner May Be Headed Back Up

Update (2:19 PM): Good point by Helene St. James here. Obviously, Fraser’s anticipating not having Conner this weekend, but we probably won’t know for sure until tomorrow. - Matt

Sounds like it’s not because anyone’s healthy, since the Griffins expect to lose Conner. No confirmation on why yet, though. Presumably he’s being recalled.

Andersson has been the weakest link on the all-rookie line, with Nyquist and Emmerton stealing the show. Conner on that line could be fun.

Griffins Close Out 2011 With A Win

We went to the New Year’s Eve Griffins game last night against the Milwaukee Admirals, which was a 3-2 win. So I’ve got a couple thoughts on some guys you care about:

Tomas Tatar looked very good. He was heavily involved in the offense and had a few great scoring chances himself. He managed to score on one after being fed the puck from behind the net. His patience on the play in drawing the goaltender out of the net was a good sign for his increasing maturity.

Brendan Smith looked much better than he did in the last game I attended. He was more obviously interested and it paid off with some great power play quarterbacking and a goal. It looks like his attitude is improving, which is a great sign.

Jan Mursak definitely has his speed back and isn’t afraid to use it. Unfortunately, he looked a little rusty and didn’t stand out apart from his speed.

Thomas McCollum played a very strong game, though he was beaten more times than the score indicated: the Admirals hit the post a lot.

One non-Griffins player note: Milwaukee’s Zach Stortini is an idiot. He must be pissed about no longer being an NHLer, but if there was any trouble on the ice at any point, you could assume he was involved.

Nyquist Recalled

Update (4:29 PM): And Khan reports Tomas Holmstrom’s been placed on STIR to make room for Nyquist. He joins Chris Conner and Patrick Eaves there. Nyquist is the Wings’ 13th 12th healthy forward. - Matt

Update (4:06 PM): Zuidema now has a full write-up with quotes from Nyquist here. - Matt

Update (4:01 PM): Mixed news via Khan: it’s Helm. But at least it’s not Z, I guess. And it’s not a major injury. - Matt

Update (3:33 PM): Ansar Khan confirms the recall move here, and suggests it could be that someone’s “a little banged up.” His guess? Zetterberg.

Great. - Matt

So says the Grand Rapids Press‘ Michael Zuidema.

Presumably that means Joakim Andersson is headed back to the Griffins.

Unless it means there’s a surprise injury. But there’s no obvious evidence that’s the case. Clark Rasmussen points out Babcock’s comments about the lineup today could indicate that is what happened, though.

My guess is it’s a simple matter of wanting to get another look at Gustav. They don’t have the same need for Andersson’s size against the Hawks that they had did against the Blues.

Nyquist will get just his second NHL game tomorrow night.